Saturday, January 19, 2019

They're willing to play......

Over the last week or so winter has been in effect, and has moderated. Some of the nights have been in the high teens to low twenties. The days however have pushed the high thirties. What I'm saying is that as long as there is no buildup of ice in the guides I'm fishing. My outings have started late usually getting on stream about 10. Fishing at that time can be from stinko to's after 11-12 that it really heats up for an hour or so and then slows down again. Flies that have been working are streamers, wet flies, and soft-hackles. Dry flies have been stagnant, although I continue to try them each outing.

This day found me on a stream that flows through a large forest of hemlock. A mix of pine and maple also seen as well as the winter fern and laurel.

This pool was a delight to fish. First off I clearly saw two brookies in it which I was certain I would be able to coax one to take the fly. I cast upstream and let the soft-hackle drift. A dark shape swam up to it and ate it. I pulled back to set and before I finish I saw the brookie spit the fly back. A half dozen casts later and not a response. A fly that I have extreme confidence in at this time of year is the "pinkie"...tied it on and sent it into the stream. Six casts later and nothing. Now I saw two fish in there one that took the fly and one that didn't. I changed to a fuller dressed wet fly and on the second cast the fish hit the fly. A hook-up and a brief battle and.....

a wild one was at hand. a quick pic and back into the pool he went.

A series of fast water and some fishy looking pockets. There are generally fish in these pockets and if the fly drifts close to them they will take.

Look at those fine spots. Brook trout never disappoint me.

Thursday, January 17, 2019


I just want to pass along some of my future plans...first off I'm still fishing and I have a few reports coming. The weather here has been cold and in the next few days winter will provide us with some snow. I don't mind winter but it takes it's time going away. Well not to dwell on winter to long we have much to do here at SSR's including tying flies, making plans on future outings and getting my stuff organized.

Small flies. I'm going to try fishing the little flies, 18 and 20's. I probably would go smaller but if you can't see them why try.

This is one stream that is on my "must try list"...I have checked it out several times even fished it once. But a concentrated effort to find out what actually lives here must be made.

So before the white stuff flies maybe I'll get one more outing in.

Oh by the way in 27 days pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training....first game Feb. 22nd.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


I don't often take videos while fishing. Sometimes a scene strikes me as being special for one reason or another and I'll press record and let it happen. Here are a couple of them that I hope you'll enjoy. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Getting Close, Experience It

A great deal of what you'll see and read in this post will never make the cover of any popular sporting publication. It will not excite most anglers nor cause a run on fly fishing tackle. What I hope it will do is to show people just how much pleasure, "pure pleasure" that is that can be obtained while fishing these little "intimate" waters. One can walk the stream and fish those small pools and never take a strike. The conclusion would be "there are no fish here" and suddenly a trout will rise and take your fly. So rather than type many words and try to tell you about what a small stream experience is, I'll just let the photos show some of what it is. I hope you'll find pleasure in the photos and I hope it will motivate you to give the small stream a go.