Thursday, December 2, 2021

A few thoughts from an old fly fisher.....

I have been fishing for most of my life. As a young boy it was all new and I would run and fish as much water as I could fit in the time that I was out. As time progressed there came the time for more gear, endless magazines on the subject of fly fishing and that desire to fish fast and cover all the water possible. Then I discovered the small stream and it was here that I learned to see and how to fish.

The small stream caused me to slow down, to check it all out but at a pace where it showed me what I had missed in those early years and the never ending vigor of youth. I was not a speed demon when I would walk along a blue line, sometimes taking far to much time fishing a run or plunge pool. I enjoyed this slow pace.

It has been a year or so where that slow pace has changed to an even slower one. The issues of boulders and high banks have gotten bigger and higher. This has made me a better angler for now every fish is a absolute stunning trophy. It's a statement that is hard to make for a person who has lived a beautiful life along the streams...but it is so true.


Perhaps I would have missed this in my fast youthful days. Now I stop and gaze upon it and wonder what the person who put it there was thinking.

Boulder laden stream. I'll find a flat spot and have at it. Three flies, a half hour, and several types of presentations....

and then the reward. A wild brown. Born in the stream to fend for himself. There are no feeding times here, only times when food presents itself.  How about two thumbs up for this guy.

A featherwing streamer tied to represent a brown trout in his first year of life.


Monday, November 29, 2021

Snow in the hemlocks and I'm jamed up...

We had a dusting of snow yesterday and the hemlocks were sprinkled with magic dust. The woods were so peaceful and quiet as we walked slowly through. The winter birds were about but the only vocals came from the Bluejays who seemed to be upset at our presence. As we walked to the stream a wind started to pick up and the air felt colder then it was when we started. Seasonal transitions, fall has not relinquished and winter is pressing. It was still a beautiful day in Brook Trout Forest.


There is one cold brookie.

Local jams....a variety of delicious jams. I love these in the morning on toast, and Jeanette loves them on waffles and pancakes. They will also make for a nice change of pace lunch.

Breakfast...toasted Vienna bread...the left has apple pie jam and pumpkin pie jam...the right has raspberry jam and wild blueberry jam.


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Anglers, Artists and Lovers of the Outdoors Part two

Mike S. fishing the Farmington River. He has a nice wild brookie. Mike and I have fished many times both in the Farmington and on some small streams.


Mike S is also a very accomplished rod maker and restorer. Here is one of his works. A bamboo rod a 6' 3wt.

Here's Matt S and his little girl. Matt is the son of a long time friend and fishing buddy Pete S. Pete has passed and deeply missed.

Shawn F...his photo of a small stream wild brookie.

Look, Alistair's version of a soft hackle streamer.

Matt Harding who hails from the pacific northwest. His patterns also work well with brookies.

Dean F at the desk with grand-daughter. Learning and teaching are so much enjoyment.

Grandfathers pride...a great job little one.


Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021 we gather to enjoy family and friends this day let us remember that we give thanks not only for the bounty of the earth but also the bounty of the heart.

Wishing all of you the very best this day....feast on friends.