Monday, September 1, 2014


Riffles, those wonderful runs of water that move over fine and coarse stones. In the sunlight the water seems to sparkle and shimmer like crystals. They may be shallow and they may be deep but they do all have that ability to clean the water and to oxygenate it giving freshness to those inhabitants of these special areas of a river.

We too take a page from the story of "riffles" as we move through life and most are the better for it. We start our journey at a fast pace, fresh and clean. There will be many boulders that will be in our lives and with help we can overcome these boulders. There will be those times when we will no longer rush and crash over the stones but instead flow at a more smooth and even pace, often seemingly coming to a stop. It is at these times when we can look upon the "riffles" and pause to see what has taken place and find so much comfort.

As I look over the many beautiful "riffles", slow thoughtful times as water under a bridge, and those meadows and mountains that have been crossed. I now find comfort in life as I find it in a bowl of chicken soup. "Riffles"

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Farmington River on the "Wild Side"

Yesterday morning I fished Connecticut's Farmington river. The Farmy was not my first choice this day I had planned on fishing another stream which was about 25 miles further north, the reason being I just did not feel like driving the extra miles. This trip was only my 3rd or 4th time fishing this big river this year. As I drove down the dirt road to the pull off where I was going to enter the river I noticed it was on the high side. Some folks like these flows but they do not seem to work for me.

I was geared up in a few minutes and on the water seconds later. The rivers clarity was the first thing I noticed. With the sun hitting the water as it moved over the boulders was truly a beautiful sight. I noticed a few changes that would indicate a season change about to come. There were no rises, with the exception of a few that took place as a second thought that the trout made.

I fished a variety of flies this day but most were wet flies and soft hackles with a caddis dry and a mini muddler. This day produced a good deal of trout both in the numbers hooked as well as a few to hand. Most of the fish were brook trout, some small salmon and a brown that whacked the fly not more than 5 feet from me. While I was there I saw just one angler. As the sun began to work it's magic I noticed a good hatch starting to happen. I was in a position not to be able to match it and I finally made my way to shore. I'll try to be equipped to match this hatch next time, the "Tube Hatch"

One beautiful wild jewel. About a month away from full Autumn dress.

While most anglers who fish this wonderful river are in search of some of the bruiser browns that inhabit the Farmy. I am contented to catch a few of these.

The Farmington in one of its wild spots.

A big river producing a wild brook trout. Tranquility...The Farmington on the Wild Side.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Parker, and his specials.

Handsome guy
Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of baby sitting "Parker". Well he did not like the term babysitting so we changed that to Parker's Vacation. Parker is a rescue dog and is 99% Lab. He is the most loveable fellow one would like to know. When he visits Nana and Papa he is king. He has breakfast with us and loves bacon and eggs, and french toast, don't forget extra butter and a tad of real maple syrup. Most times he has his choice of supper additions of chicken, and ground beef mixed with his dog food. I made him some venison stew and he ate all the deer and left the veggies.

Another highlight of his vacation is swimming and chewing the hell out of the sticks he's sent to fetch. And he also gets a brand new bandana. Given the choice of red or blue he couldn't decide so out he came with both.

Parker is a very laid back fellow. When you go he follows when you sit he sits, but if sitting takes a few minutes it quickly leads to laying down and that leads to a good solid nap. We love you Parker.

Another pleasure Parker enjoys is Nana's daily hair brushing. One day I noticed the hair being brushed off looked to be something I might be able to use in fly construction.

Black Lab dubbing. Natural fibers, no additives.

A brace of black lab wet flies. I have not tried these as of yet, but will indeed. "The Parker Specials" so named after a special family member.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sunday 8-24-14

The day started out with a question mark and finished with a star. I planned to visit two blue lines I had circled on a map. These were entirely new to me and I had no idea what I would find. When I arrived at the first one the stream looked good. It was meandering through some fields at a slow pace. Every so often there were a set of faster riffles leading to some very interesting places. The foliage was lush and growing right to the stream. I found an opening and crawled in. I tossed the fly and let it drift into the riffles, BAM the fish hit and was it hard. A few moments I had at hand a beautiful shiny river dace. Back into the water he went and I continued to fish downstream. It was like every other cast brought the same result, dace after dace. The stream was to nice to only hold these little bait fish. But today was not the day to try to find them, but I will be back.

Back in the car and off to the second blue line. After driving around dirt roads and half of a mountain I located the second brook. It was indeed nice and it was pretty secluded with only one setback, it was posted private for it was watershed property. A good try but it did not pan out as I hoped. Back down the mountain and the ruts that go with it. I was going to pay a visit to a more friendly stream. I stopped in at the local Dunkin Donuts for a black coffee. and headed to the stream.

By the time I reached the stream it was around 9. The sun was out in force a cool air mass made me feel good. The stream was at normal late summer flows, with a water temp at 62. The last time I fished this brook I came to meet a landowner who has a section of stream posted. I stopped and chatted with him and found out why he had it posted. I introduced myself and what I was up to then asked his permission to fish through his property and was granted such.

The stream had some very nice pools some of which were 2 to 3 feet deep. There were good flows at the head of the pools and that is where I found the trout. I started fishing dries and soon realized that these fish were not going to rise. I tied on a wet fly and as the fly worked towards the head of the pool the strikes came.

This wild jewel took a Dark Cahill wet fly. The Cahill wet and the Picket Pin have been the best producing flies this last month.

Each pool held fish. I would hook one and let to pool rest and fish it on the way back.

To be graced with such beautiful brook trout as this in late summer is wonderful, and Autumn is coming.

This trip ended with a star indeed. On my way home I spotted a familiar face. The gent was just getting his gear ready and was about to fish the Farmington. It was  Pete, aka TROUT1. It was nice to see you again and to talk to you friend.