Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Walk In "Spring"

Yesterday was one those bright beautiful Spring days, those days where a hike about the fields and streams was in order. Jeanette and I set off to find some interesting places both wild and some not so wild. Enjoy.

Typical southern New England barn....still in use.

Naturally where you find an old barn likely your going to find a stream. There are brook trout present but no fly rod was close.

"Trillium"..the first one I've seen this Spring. When it's in bloom brook trout will be rising.

Mountain stream.

A beautiful set of natural waterfalls.

Yes folks it's all coming back to life...........

Friday, April 22, 2016

Good Day's My Friends

Yesterday I had a doctors appointment at 10, and being a good visit which made me feel good. After leaving I said reward yourself and go fishing. It was a later start than normal but what the heck it's fishing. I got to the stream after 11 and geared up. Beautiful day, with all the greenery bursting forth as well as pristine waters I knew this was a gem of a day no matter if I caught fish or not.

Fly choice was easy, "anything that floats", and that was it for the time I spent on the stream.

It did not take long before a willing combatant swiped the fly.

In water as clear as this it's a joy to be able to see the trout come up and strike the fly.

This fellow never left the water.

"The Trout Lilly"...these flowers were everywhere.

"Fontinalis" that means "living in springs" and this photo shows just that. A brilliant male who jumped several times. Connecticut"s only native char.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Chill Breakers, Warm Comforts, and What's That

The last few weeks have been a time of transition, air temperature wise. I have been fishing mornings and while eight o'clock is not considered early morning the air still has that crispness. So I often bring and wear something to ward off that chill until the sun can break it. On these days I often choose a flannel shirt or a light weight fleece jacket to break that chill. Both are comfortable and do the job. I do have a preference though and that is the fleece. What's yours?

A great little pizza. This can be done in the oven or on the grill. A Pita bread for the crust, a little seasoned tomato sauce, I use a can of crushed tomatoes, some olive oil, and few shakes of oregano. Your toppings can be mozzarella, romano, spinach or basil, olives and meat if you like. About 8 minutes in a 400 degree oven and it's done. When using the grill you have to keep an eye on it's progress.

What's that? Answer to come later......... Have a great day.

Monday, April 18, 2016

A Personal Best, Connecticut Small Stream Brook Trout

Yesterday Kirk and I got together and fished a few small streams. We had selected some of our favorites, and with the beautiful weather we were to have the anticipation was high. I won't go into detail about the day other than to say it was a best ten. The fish were there and they were hungry. I tied on one fly and stayed with it all day. Kirk after taking notice of the airborne insects went to the dry fly.

There were a lot of these as well as caddis and stoneflies.

What was to happen in this stream could not be even thought of happening. I cast the fly thorough the run several times and on one of those casts I felt a strike like I have never felt in a small stream. The line went tight and the 3wt bent like it never did before. I was at the beginning of an epic fight that took many long minutes to win. The brook trout made its weight felt when I began to get it close. That's when it ran, power like a steelhead. Kirk had been watching and made a comment.."your going to need a net", and neither one of us had one. Kirk said I have one in the truck and ran through the woods to his truck to get it. While this was taking place I still had a big angry brook trout to deal with and it showed no signs of giving up.

Finally the brook trout came in, and Kirk put the net underwater and lifted the fish up. It was an awesome fish. This beautiful lady had been in this brook for sometime, seeing years of hardship and plenty and survived.

That is a size 14 dry fly in the corner of her mouth.
She was released to the waters she is familiar with and disappeared in seconds. That was the biggest brook trout from a Connecticut small stream I have ever caught.

This is the fly, it will be retired.

While this stream has no name, finding this on the bottom I decided to name the stream "Pick Ax Creek"