Thursday, June 21, 2018


A rare find, a special family farm located in eastern Connecticut that has a reputation of producing some of the finest cheeses that I have ever tasted. While I can't be considered a gourmet expert in the quality of cheese but I am a consumer who knows what a good cheese is. Jeanette and I stopped by Cato Corner Farm located in Colchester Ct and spent some time wandering the farm as well as getting a history lesson on the farms start as well as sampling some of it's "made on the farm" cheese.

Walking the farm roads you see many of the pastures in which the farms 45 plus cows are allowed to graze naturally.

This is Elizabeth MacAlister, she along with son Mark started the business back in the 90's. The basis is happy cows make for good milk which makes for some of the tastiest cheese.

Little guys, so curious.

The cheese shop. We were treated to some of the variety of cheese that were featured.

"Dan" he was our guide this day. He told us about all of the cheeses made on the farm. In talking to us we told him of our preferences in cheese and then gave us a sample to taste. I fell in love with two of the offerings which we took home with us. If you are ever in the area please stop by. Their hours of operation are on the sign, and they have a web site. The cheese is also available on line.

This is "Womanchego" in the kitchen of Casa Petrucci...I kid you not it is the best cheese I have ever tasted. Made from raw cows milk it's semi-soft texture with a very unique flavor is a delight. "Womanchego" was voted American Cheese Society best American Raw Cows Milk Cheese in 2017.

Monday, June 18, 2018

The A.B.C.'s.........

On my last outing I took a good look in my box for a certain fly and the conclusion was "get it cleaned up and organized". It was a mess with flies crushing each other, winter flies, big woolly buggers, all mixed in together so that trying to find a partridge and orange spider was impossible.

When I got home I did get the box in order and it looks a lot better today then it did. While I was doing the necessary weeding out of flies I came to the conclusion that for a small stream guy all I needed to fish successfully in those little waters was a simple as "A.B.C."....let me explain.

The "A"...Adam's Parachute... for the small stream guy this is a top fly. In a couple of sizes it works great.

The "B"...Bomber, Fran Better's pattern that is responsible for taking more small stream trout for me than any other fly I have. I tie it in a couple of sizes but size 14 is all I need.

The "C" the is the elk hair caddis. I'm showing this fly but I fish several caddis patterns. Most of these patterns work super well on small streams. While I will always carry more than I need it's good to know that I can get by with only 3 patterns. It's easy as A.B.C.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day 2018

Wishing all dads out there a very Happy Father's Day. Make it the best, you deserve it.

Friday, June 15, 2018


Having fished the Farmington river since the late 60's I have pretty much covered most of its waters that allowed me to cast a fly. There have been some banner days in the many outings along with many skunks. The one overwhelming constant is I have never had a bad day on the Farmington when it comes to the beauty that this river gives forth. There are many named pools in this river. Many are well known and fished extremely hard, in fact I would say some have seen just about every fly ever created. I will say I have my favorite places to fish on this gem of the northeast. A few of them I can be assured that I'll be alone with the only competition  being a heron or eagle. But one of the most beautiful pools on the Farmington is Whittemore. I make it a point to stop here every time I'm at the Farmington.

While Whittemore may be the most beautiful pool on the Farmington it has been a difficult one for me to fish. It's riffled head, it's long sooth and deep center as well as it's rapid tail out have proved to be quite the challenge for me.

Several very large trout were seen here...rising to something I could not see. It was a grand sight.

Whittemore lived up to it's name as the most beautiful, and frustrating pool on the Farmington this day but it did manage to give up one of it's wild browns.