Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Experiencing Small Streams

Over the last few days I have been exploring new streams. With this exploration one finds many new sights, some from the stream and some from the surroundings. The hikes into some of the areas have been tough and the humid weather has not been kind. One who chooses to fish these places will find rewards that can't be found elsewhere. Some of the brook trout have been spectacular both in there ability to elude capture and their sheer beauty. I have said many times that for as many of these wild jewels I have caught their beauty puts me in awe.

All the insect bites and sweat, the tired muscles, and the scraped knee were well worth it. I hope these images can show you what a wonderful experience a small stream can bring.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Meet "Spikey"

I'd like to introduce you to "Spikey". He has been around for a short time but has made an impression on this angler. He is not a nymph, even though he make look like one because of the bead head. I would rather call "Spikey" a soft hackle. He is constructed of a brown hackle tail, thin silver wire rib, opossum dubbing and starling soft hackle collar.

On "Spikey's" first outing he did quite well for himself, bringing many strikes and a few to hand. He was badly chewed up and even lost his collar, but still continued to battle on and win. Next time be sure to seat the hackle better and put a few more wraps of thread around it.

Soft hackle wet fly or nymph....what say you?

Saturday, July 25, 2015

A New Blue Line, glacial almost.

An outing I took last week to fish a new blue line, a glacial blue line. The hour plus drive put me on a road that winds up a mountain with a stream that flows down a steep gradient over some impressive boulders and countless blow downs. The storms that blow through this area must be some doozies. I managed to find a cut off along side the road and my little Honda just fit. The sun was up for an hour already but the stream was dark, hemlocks and maples made sure of it. I geared up and walked through the woods to the stream. The first pool I came to really took my breath away. The water flowing looked like water I have seen in videos flowing out of glaciers. The water appeared to be white, and the reason was the streams bottom, which was white sand and very light gravel.

Stepping into the water I felt like I stepped into ice water. The stream thermometer came out and the temp was 56 degrees. All through my time fishing here I checked the water and the warmest it got was 58. Now I was in a cold stream, good water flows, and lots of cover, the only question remaining was, are there brook trout here?

The answer was yes. Flies that were drifted in such places were able to wake up the waters with slashes and splashes.

Most of the brookies were like this. Very dark in color which is surprising for such a light colored stream bottom.

After a morning of fishing I went back to the Honda for a snack. I had a nice hot coffee in the early morning and left it in the cup holder. What was left was cold but still tasted good with the peanut butter crackers. I scanned the map and found I could fish another area stream for an hour or so, well off I was.

This stream was also flowing nicely, and the brook trout were just as friendly. There are another 3-4 streams located near here that I want to check out.....maybe this week.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A "North River"

A north river, we all pretty much have one. There are numerous north rivers here in New England. A north river doesn't have to be the true name of that river for it can also be the location. The river pictured here is a beautiful river in northern New Hampshire in the Fall. Truly spectacular.

The streamer tied for the rivers of said name "North River" helps to pay a tribute to such rivers and all they inspire.

"North River"

Hook- Mustad 3709 A...Tail- Barred Wood Duck...Body-Orange Yarn...Rib-Flat Gold Tinsel...Throat-White Hackle...Wing-2 Orange and Yellow Saddle Hackles, the Yellow being Shorter...Shoulders- Pheasant...Cheeks-Jungle Cock