Thursday, December 1, 2016

Hemlocks And Riffles

The hemlock and the riffle are probably my to favorite places to fish when I'm on a small stream. I will never pass up the chance to toss a fly in either location if possible. Over many years and  many different streams I've fished it's these places that seem to produce for me. On this outing which was to find the stream on the low side I was able to find a few deep pools that held some nice trout. As most times they were able to see me and scattered like frightened mice. So the alternative to getting frustrated I chose to fish the riffles and hemlocks to help conceal my presence.

This section of water was flowing well, and was quite deep. Along with that there were leaf jams and other wood debris that seem to say "fishy". I dropped the fly on the first slick spot and "boom" a brook trout rose and took the caddis.

This pretty little guy was photographed and thanked....he was back at it in a few seconds.

I continued to fish this mine-section and was able to bring another brookie to the surface. Further results here were a fly in the debris and a loos of that fly.

This fast little run had an interesting undercut right at the tree. Alan you know there has to be a fish there. One cast, two casts, three casts and a forth cast that brought the fish up.

A striking lady...she was in perfect condition with the most beautiful colored spots. The red dots almost look like a fine point marker placed them there.

It was a good day fishing under the hemlocks and in the the way the elk-hair caddis is a perfect fly for such places.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Family Times

The sub title of this blog is "for those who love small streams, wild trout and their simplest form"... I hope you'll agree.

Thanksgiving we had the family gather for dinner. Lots to talk about, lots to eat and some football. While in the midst of these happenings our grand-daughter Morgan asked if the fly tying desk was operational to which I replied yes. She then proceeded to leave for a while, saying I'm going to tie a fly. Some time passed and she said '"what do you think".....showing us the fly she tied. It's a streamer that looks pretty simple, but. The wing is constructed using what's called a "complex wing" it uses multiple feathers layered in a fashion to create a beautiful pattern. I will fish this streamer as an attractor and believe it will take a few. What should it be named?

When I was growing up every Sunday after church the family would meet at moms house for coffee. Along with coffee there would always be various fresh rolls hot from the local bakeries. My favorite was the "horn", this odd shaped poppy seed covered horn was spread with butter and devoured with coffee. It has been a long time since those days. Last year I found a local bakery that continues to bake the "horn" as I remember. Light, delicate, lots of poppy seeds....simple elegance.

They also make a great sandwich.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

In The Valley, Was A Stream, And In That Stream Was.........

This was a day for exploring. A day where the sun was bright and the air crisp. Included in the mix was a strong gusty wind that did it's best to scrape the forest floor of it's fallen leaves and deposit them in the stream. Not a problem for it's all part of the small stream experience.

This area was new to me and I had an idea that there were brook trout present. As I walked along quietly my that idea was proven to be correct. Brookies would dart upstream and seem to disappear among the banks and drowned leaves that covered the stream bottom.

My plan was to spook the fish "which I do very well" wait for a little time and then present the fly as close to the bank as possible. Using this method I was able to coax a few brookies to take.

It's so nice when a "plan" comes together.

Some remnants of what used to be, perhaps a century ago.

In this little pool were three beautiful white finned brookies. They were holding in a staggered pattern through out, one at the head, one in the middle and one at the tail-out. I got into position upstream and let the fly drift, I figured one of the fish would take. As the fly drifted to almost the first trouts nose a sudden sprint form the last fish was observed and that brookie took it.

Unbelievable beauty....they are feeding heavily now in preparation for winter.

The "stream in the valley".

Friday, November 25, 2016

A Little Treat

Some weeks back while fishing I noticed this lovely fir tree. While taking a photo of it i thought this little tree would look good decorated. Being there are only wild creatures about I said the decorations must be edible. Well yesterday morning while the turkey was roasting Jeanette and I began stringing garlands of natural popcorn, cranberries, walnuts, and suet balls to decorate the little tree.

We also had a few pumpkins that we were going to bust up and an apple or 2 or 5.

This morning in the gray-drizzle Jeanette and I along with our grand-daughter Morgan walked along a path to where the tree was. When we arrived at the chosen tree Morgan and Jeanette strung the garlands and suet balls. The pumpkins were then smashed and placed along the bottom of the tree.

It's a little treat for our wild friends.