Wednesday, August 12, 2020

A Hike With Parker

We have the pleasure of watching our favorite grand-dog Parker for a couple of weeks. He is a peach and looking for adventure every time he's outdoors. One day we decided to take a little hike to a lovey state forest. The land is pretty much vacant of people with exception of the first weeks of fishing season and during hunting season. The pond has a few canoe paddlers from time to time. Looking in the center of the photo, straight across to the other side is a small stream that flows into the pond. It's said it holds wild brookies. Something else said about that little stream is that some say there is an older guy who fishes it. Idle talk I say.

We took a hike back into the forest and Parker was on point. Walking with a dog it's amazing how many things they see and sometimes don't want to leave them alone. While hiking we met a gentleman coming out of a hemlock stand. He had a pack on and I asked him if he had been fishing. His reply was no. He said he had just cooked himself a couple of burgers. Seems he lost power from the tropical storm and decided to have lunch in the woods.

After our hour plus hike it was back to the canoe launch and some swim time. Parker say's that water is cold, but refused to come out.

About 1pm lunch was served. Franks and beans cooked in a cast iron pan with biscuits. And yes Parker had a hot dog, no beans though.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

That Little Yellow Fly

Look at that raging off color stream. My little brookie hide-a-way that was overwhelmed by the tropical storm we had last week. Give it a day or two and things will be back in order. Some parts of the state got heavy winds and a few places got tropical downpours. Rain is rain and we'll take what we can get. As to the winds at one point 700 thousand customers were without power. Full restoration won't be until Tuesday.

Goldenrod is now blooming and the fields and woodlands are showing it's brilliant yellow colors. In the tradition of "Trout Flies and Flowers" a fly with yellow would be a good choice at this time. There are some really good flies that feature yellow but the one I chose was the Mr. Rapidan.

The Mr. Rapidan hair wing dry fly...the Mr. Rapidan parachute is another good choice but mine were home in another fly box.

The fly was the right choice for the brookies responded to it quickly. A high floater and seen easily by angler and fish.

Take a good look at this male. A hooked snout that will be quite the feature come fall spawning time. Also look at his teeth.

Obstacles, not for wild brookies.

Mr. Rapidan and the brookies belly, a perfect match.

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Deer Hair Flies

I have been tying some flies with the primary material being deer hair. These flies have been effective in the times I have called on them. This time of year they represent many types of bugs that are about, and especially on small streams. Just the other day while fishing my fly got snagged in a small bush along the stream. As I walked to retrieve it a rather large wasp landed on the fly. It was reluctant to give up the artificial but realized it was not what it appeared to be. Large grasshoppers, moths and other insects fall into the stream and hungry brook trout don't miss them.

Deer hair flies that I tie are usually on #12 hooks, but I have a couple of them in 10's and 14's....Deer hair comes in various colors but I use only a few.

The bodies are usually dubbed, with a fine wire rib. Tinsel bodies also work.

I ties some with rather large heads and wings.

Sparsely tied wings also are used. How many of you have tried deer hair flies? And how effective have they been for you?

Monday, August 3, 2020

As Summer Goes...Happenings.

As we roll into August we start to see changes. Some of the foliage is loosing that deep green color, a few oaks are dropping acorns and showing are the Cardinal flower and a favorite of mine the Joe Pye weed. The streams are at summer lows with few exceptions. I fished one of those exceptions last week. I like to come here at this time of year because I can find some lovely water to fish. The stream is a crap shoot as far as finding fish. In some years I find them close and in other years it's a walk. This time it was just about in the center. A few big boulders and slippery flat rocks but not enough to cause knee issues. My last outings have been dry fly events and this one was the same. The fish were very eager to rise to the fly but you have one shot for a hookup. They do not come back a second time.

The one constant in the streams I've fished this year is the large number of small brookies. Last years spawn and this springs hatch rate has been exceptional.

Here's a wild jewel that did not miss the fly.

These are the places I don't favor. They are beautiful, but slippery and have some deep holes. I will move cautiously along the banks and make my casts as best as I can.

When it all comes together great things happen.

Not a bad showing today...Hans...