Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Farmington River 8-27-15

Yesterday the heat wave broke and the night brought in some cool weather, so this morning I was up at 4 and having some breakfast. By 5 I was on my way to the Farmington River for what I hoped would be a good day. As I arrived at my first spot I gazed upon the water, it was moving smooth and clear. My eyes scanned the water looking for the rise of a surface feeding trout. Although there was not even a dimple I still had a good feeling.

As I entered the river I was greeted by that sweet sound of a bald eagle. The massive bird flew low along the water and within a few feet of me he hit the button for more speed and soon was out of sight. I was rigged with a two fly setup 1 spikey and 1 soft hackle. It did not take long before I was hit.

The first wild brook trout of the day. The fish was so strong, and darted all over the place.

The second place I stopped. The river here is fast and has some wonderful pockets where fish will hold, and that they did until my fly passed by. I caught quite a few in this stretch.

This was a very interesting place. The water is very fast a strong here, with some soft water along the side. I worked a Mickey Finn in here a soon I had a good fish on, then off. I hooked another with the same result. I know I would have eventually taken a nice fish on it but lost the fly to an underwater log.

I did however hook this wild brown in a soft seam.

This wild brook trout was the best fish of the day. He was hooked in the river in the photo below.

The last trout of the day. He spit the hook while in my hand, and flipped into the water. I managed to get his photo before he realized he was free.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Genesee Jewel"

The fly was originated by Mark Libertone to represent the wide range of cream colored insects that hatch through out late spring and summer on the Genesee River. The fly is also an excellent attractor pattern.

Hook, TMC 100BL size 14...Tail, White Hackle...Body, Cream Dubbing...Rib, Fine Pearl Tinsel...Wing, Wood Duck...Hackle Cream Hen Back.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Next Time You Open Your Fly Box Use The First Fly

We have the good fortune of one of the finest tailwaters in the northeast. The Farmington River is a gem but it can get crowded especially on weekends. I have fished certain places on the river where I can find solitude all week, and last Sunday when I drove to that spot there were 3 gents fishing in that sweet spot.

So yesterday I drove past the river and fished someplace where I know the crowds are not. I would like to tell you I had a banner day in terms of fish caught but that's not true. The banner was flying in how many were taken on a certain fly. There are times when I'll open my fly box and a certain fly catches my eye, most times I skip that fly and choose another, this day I tied on that first fly.

The fly chosen was a size 14 soft hackle dry fly. It gave me the chance to bring a hand full of these guys to hand. They were all about the same size but were a joy on the GCR 3wt.

I was also pleasantly surprised to hook this rainbow. Don't know how long it was in the water, but it was some time. It had perfect fins and a gorgeous spotted tail.

Pretty simple fly.

I found the solitude I was seeking, but one other fisherman showed up later. I think he was a local.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Trails I've Walked

These photos are of my many days walking the woods trails in the mountains of Maine. Many of these trails cross some of the most beautiful streams in New England. I can recall almost every brook trout I've had the pleasure of bringing to hand. I can recall all of the places posted here like it I was there yesterday.

I hope you will enjoy the magic of Maine's brook trout forest.