Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Streams on Cape Cod

We just returned from a two day trip to Cape Cod, MA. This is a trip we have been taking for several years now, going in the Spring and Fall. There are several streams on the Cape that hold self sustaining populations of wild sea run brook trout, called salters. The two streams we have knowledge of are truly beautiful areas set aside and protected for future generations to enjoy. The streams were full of river herring, which spawn in the Spring and are making a comeback after years of decline. They are protected from harvest as are the salters. The brookies in the two streams were plentiful, just buy the amount of swipes at the fly. Their size were small, but they were very aggressive. The brookies prefered small streamers as the fly of choice. Over the years of fishing these streams there has been ongoing restorations, providing habitat for these special sea run brookies to survive.


  1. What a unique environment. There's nothing like that in PA. Seems like another thing to add to my "to do" list...and I'm not just talking about the pizza!