Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Downwing Hornberg

This is a variation of The Hornberg, originated by Frank Hornberg of Wisconsin. Its a fly thats been in my fly box since I started fly fishing and is a very effective pattern. It is tied in many forms, including the original design of Frank Hornberg, which I'll do a report on later. This is a variation called a Downwing Hornberg, perhaps more of a wet fly, and is tied that way to represent a Golden Stonefly. I have fished these underwater and when pulled to the surface and "popped", and then skitted across the surface will bring a strike. This is a good fly for trout, especially brookies, and LL Salmon. I can't say for sure, but the great State of Maine probably has more anglers who fish the Hornberg more than any other state in the U.S.

Hook,Mustad 38941
Thread, Black
Body, Flat Silver Tinsel
Underwing, Yellow Hackle
Wing, Mallard Flank
Cheeks, Jungle Cock
Hackle, Grizzly

Click on photo for a larger image.


  1. Great fly. I just might poach that one. Love the presentation on the box.

  2. Beautiful bug and well tied to boot! On the Hornberg/Maine comment, you're probably right as not many folks outside traditionalists across the country tie and fish the down wing wet fly and classic streamer patterns anymore. Probably fewer yet have any idea of how to really fish them or for that matter how effective they still are!

  3. Midgeman, Thanks for the compliment.

    And its true about the wets, and classic streamers. New England is still fishing them and as you stated they are as effective today as the day they were created.