Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Farmington 9/9

Friday about mid morning is when I arrived at the river. The area I chose to fish is one I fish several times a year. It's a beautiful piece of water that runs swift and deep, with a bottom of nooks and crannies. I would probably fish it more often but the access is a bit tricky.
Upon entering the stream I stripped off the line, and I observed a fish rise near the end of a fallen tree, I already had a Bomber dry tied on so I sent it on its way and as it drifted the trout rose to the fly and missed it. I continued to fish the dry for another 45 minutes without another rise.

I tied on a streamer, an Edson Tiger, and tossed it out into the currents, within a few casts I was into my first fish. Several beautiful browns and brookies fell to the Tiger.
Not giving up on the dry fly I reached into the box and decieded to fish a Thunderhead, a dry fly with its origins in North Carolina. Well that fly worked bringing several brookies to hand. I guess it pays to try new areas and new patterns. Although the trek in is a bit tough, there is beauty along the way.
A brookie who rose to a "Thunderhead"

A beautiful wild brown who hit the "Edson Tiger" ........ One of S.S.R.'s endorsed bucktails, July 2010
A wild brookie in spawning colors who also showed a desire to take "The Tiger"

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  1. Way to be persistant and adapt when you needed to. You were rewarded for it. Nice job.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Glad you started a blog. I've always enjoyed your pictures and reports on the SEFF.

  3. Ryan, Thanks.

    Welcome, and thanks. Follow and visit often.