Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Home Comforts"

Along with fly fishing, cooking is one of my favorite passions. And being Italian, pasta is tops on the list. Pasta can come either fresh or dried, fresh being a bit heavier, and much quicker to cook than dried. My preferance is the dried.

There are many sauces to top pasta with, creams, tomatoe, vegetable, and olive oil. I love the tomatoe as the base of my sauce.Into this base you can add meat, seafood, game, poultry, and vegetables. The one item that makes a pasta dish complete is a quality bread, one purchased from a local Italian bakery, not a supermarket.

These are a few of my comforts.


  1. They all look yummy to me. Whoa, I've got to go and eat lunch.


  2. Bkt Trt,

    Your food posts are my favorite non-fish posts to read! But you already knew that. =_)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. what kind of sausage are you using?i always use perri but you are right about the bread.venice apicelli lupi legna the best around that order but im irish. dave in north haven

  4. Shoreman, Ryan, thanks.

    Dave, I to used Perri's, when they were in New Haven, but the company was sold to Johnsonville many years ago and I don't believe the product is the same.
    I have been using Lamberti's, or Longhini's

  5. yeah i like them too.was not aware that perri was not still in new haven.dave in north haven