Friday, October 1, 2010

Turning The Page

With the arrival of October there are some new hopes of better times astream. We have been blessed with some much needed rainfall. This water will perhaps enable the wild brook trout to move upstream to their spawning areas. The last few days of September I took a walk along a stream observing trout movement, they were there, and very cautious. Now with some depth and width to the stream their movements will be easier to conceal.

I also tied a few new patterns that were created in The Smoky Mountains.
The inspiration coming from a friend, John,"Apache Trout" who is on a trip in The Smoky's pursuing trout on the streams of Southern Appalachia.

With a frost being predicted in the next week the time was now to harvest a few native tomatoes to use in a homemade Minetsrone soup.

I plan to fish this small trout stream in a day or two as I turn the page.

Smoky Mountain Fork Tails, dry flies to tempt wild brookies through the month of October
With October, a cool rainy day calls for a good hot Minestrone, to chase the chill out.


  1. Great looking bugs. I look forward to your report and as always your pictures make me hungy.

    the Average Joe Fisherman

  2. NOTHING like a good bowl of soup on a cold Fall day. What I see in your bowl, I'd scarf it in a heartbeat.


  3. Ryan, thanks,
    The bugs worked very well today.

    Shoreman, soup will fill the cracks that a steak can't. Thanks

  4. I love the pictures. Fall is coming on in a big way. Looks like we are going to take storm after storm so the leaves will be gone soon. Great looking soup!

  5. Savage, thanks

    Some rain every week will be welcomed.

    Soups, stews, and chowders. Tis the season.