Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Local Flavor

This is another post on some of the local flavors in my neck of the woods. Martin Rosol's has been making quality meat products in New Britain CT. since 1929. They make the best natural casing franks, and their kielbasa is second to none. I have been enjoying these since I was a kid, so many years ago. One of the special qualities of this company and its products is that they in all of the years of making their products is they have never lowarded the standard of quality.

A quality product.

A crusty pumpernickle

This is one of my favorite way's to enjoy it. Grilled and sliced kielbasa, potato pancakes, sauerkraut, and pumpernickle.


  1. I think I could indulge in some of that myself. Being of mid-west German descent, a good Kielbasa ranks up there very near the top.


  2. stop, stop stop... I can't take these food pics. Now I have to drive to New Britain to try this Keilbasa.

  3. Nice site!!!!! My breakfast of champions when I'm doing some cold weather fly fishing on the Swift is keilbasa, a baked potato and black coffee. I remember my Polish grandmother making keilbasa - the pork, seasoning and the casings!!! Some will say that it's not good for you. I say you can't live without it!! My grandparents lived for for a total of 168 years. They lived well!! Keilbasa is good for you!!

  4. Shoreman,Although this is a Polish variety, I have baught some from a German Wurst House in PA that was awesome.

    Passinthru, you can probably get Rosol's in maybe Manchester.

    Millers River Flyfisher.
    Welcome, and thanks. I must agree, its good for you, kielbasa and eggs is the next mornings breakfast, from the leftovers.

  5. yes i think i will try to find some of that stuff,have not seen it down here.i hear the hot dogs are good too. just made some venison sausage from a nice 8 pt shot last week. good hunting to everyone who is going in the coming weeks.have fun stay safe.dave in north haven

  6. dave, congrats on the 8 point. Venison sausage is a treat, especially when you control what go's into it.

  7. OK, I'm not sure how I missed this post, but that looks good!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  8. Nice! I'm originally from Waterbury. Had no idea you were a CT guy. Next time I come back to CT to visit family, I might have to grab a license & hit some small streams!