Thursday, December 23, 2010

You Should Have Been Here Yesterday, "I Was"

This large stone has an impact on the water in this stream. Anyone care to guess what it is?

Monday I was trying to choose which day to fish, it was either Wed. or Thur. I chose Wed and for me it was the better day, weather wise that is. There was a bit more sunshine and the wind was much less. The fish helped out too.
The long range weather looking into next week not so good. SNOW....... Oh Well.

An accomadating brookie. A dry fly, care to guess what fly?


  1. Ausable Bomber of course

    Guess I made the wrong call, thought thursday would be better but the wind kept me in today.

  2. Mark,
    The wind and its chill were rough today.
    I think you made the right choice.

  3. Very nice. Glad you got out before the snow!

  4. My bet is the bomber too. Very nice.

    Merry Christmas

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  5. Very nice report. I'm hoping to use the bombers I tied soon.

  6. troutrageous, Ryan, Kiwi.
    Thanks guys.
    Have a Merry Christmas.

  7. Yup, we're in for it "one more time". I don't think this one is going to be quite as bad. You're still going to get snow up there, though. Hope we don't. I'm already sick of it.


  8. Blue wing olive dry fly? But what ever fly it may be, it sound like a great time!!


  9. Mark, we in New England are about to get whacked by a big one....... oh well.

    DRYFLYGUY, Welcome,

    It's not a BWO, but an Ausable Bomber.
    It was a good outing.

  10. I'll stick my neck out and take a crack at your question about the impact of the stone on the water in the stream...

    I'm no geologist but I did take a class or 2 in it as electives while studying engineering at CSU a 23+ yrs ago and the rock looks like limestone to me. Water picks up minerals and components from the rocks in the streambed. Limestone provides lime which helps regulate the pH balance of the water. This in turn results in a healthier ecosystem that can support aquatic plants, aquatic bugs, etc. Fish reap the benefits of this healthy ecosystem, making it an inviting place for them to live and thrive.

    Am I a millions miles off with that guess?

  11. Mark Mills,
    You may have something there. Your knowledge of it is much more than I hold.

    Well this is what I have found regarding large stones in the water. The water temps are warmer just down stream a bit from the stone. The sun heats the stone and this is carried into the water, causing the water to warm some. In cold weather fishing that one or two degree temp rise can help your fishing.

    This one particular pool I fish has large stones at the beginning of the pool. I let the fly drift slowly through the stones and I usually take a solid hit.

  12. I'm really enjoying your blog pics! Very nice. I love the Brookie...

  13. The River Damsel, thanks, and welcome

  14. Warmer water below large exposed stones - dang! It makes some sense. We've all certainly found trout in those lies but I was giving credit to the pocket & seam formed by the current and not taking water temp into account. I like it! Thanks for that cool tip.