Thursday, May 19, 2011

One of the Best

Bill Edsons Fly Wallet with several of his streamers.

The Light Edson Tiger is a bucktail that I have fished with great success since the mid seventies. It was created by Bill Edson of Portland Maine in 1929. It is a good pattern for aslmon, and trout.
It's an easy fly to tie, with materials that are fish takers.
I tie them in sizes 6 to 10, with sizes 8 and 10 being my favorite sizes to fish.
I have posted three variations of this bucktail, and they all work well.

These two flies are similar, only the tails are different.

This fly is tied with brass cheeks. This is what Bill Edson used on his streamers. and is on the original Edson pattern.

This pattern has worked so well for me over the years, I consider it to be one of the two best bucktails for wild brook trout.


  1. After reading one of your previous posts with the light edson tiger I immediately tied a bunch of them (the version in the middle picture). I plan to fish them hard this year. They are beautiful flies.

  2. Great looking fly. Looking into that fly wallet, it's pretty easy to see the romance in the sport.

  3. Great flies! I am really getting into this streamer thing

  4. The Maine connection. Your great info allows me to delve a little deeper. Fascinating. A subtle reminder that, even though I "think" I've been flyfishing a while,I'm a neophyte. Thanks again.

  5. Some more beautiful streamers as usual. Those brass cheeks really add an extra appeal for trout. I will have to give them a try. Thanks for the great patterns and pics. Tight Lines.

  6. Brk Trt, is a size 10 too big for small brookies (6 to 8 inches)? Do you dead drift, swing or use some other technique? Thanks!

  7. Kiwi,
    I know that you'll have success with those.
    The colors are brookie magnets.

    Thanks. That was a special time in the history of fly fishing, especially in the U.S.

  8. Dustin,
    Thanks. Streamers can br addictive.

    I would have loved to have been sitting in one of those western Maine camps back in the 30's to 50's. Wonderful stuff.

  9. Trout Magee,
    Thanks. The brass cheeks can be difficult to tie in, the seem to cut the tying thread. You can substitute Jungle Cock for it, or do as I do, don't tie in anything. They all work very well.

    Size 10 will be fine. A brook trout will not have a problem.taking them. I have some photos of small trout that I've taken on size 10 Tiger's

  10. Great looking fly. I like to tie simple, yet highly effective flies like the tiger you posted. Thanks.

  11. I think I'm going to tie a couple of these and see what I can do with them.

  12. Savage,

    I'm sure you'll do well with them

  13. BT,
    How do you fish these streamers?

  14. Cliff,
    You can fish them several ways. Cast the streamer quartering downstream. Allow the fly to drift through until it straightens out, let the fly sit there a moment and then retrieve it.
    There are several ways to retrieve. Slowly, twitching using the rod tip, and increasing speed in your retrieve.
    Many hits are taken just as the fly swings at the end of the drift. I have at times, especially in Maine, while fishing for salmon. I'll cast the fly upstream and strip it back with the current as fast as I can. Yhis has brought some violent strikes.