Monday, November 19, 2018

It's The First

Although the calendar says that winter is still over a month away, around here it has been in full swing. The last week saw some pretty cold temps along with wind and a 6 inch snowfall. The first snow always has that magical feeling to it, it's the reality of what happened that shocks the body later on. Well I enjoyed it and took some time to explore a stream. It's so beautiful to see fresh snow all the way to the waters edge. The only tracks are that of deer and squirrels.

The stream was flowing swiftly. It looked dark and cold with the exception of a bright sunspot upon it when the sun was so generous. I started with a dry fly as I usually do. In short time I realized that was not the best choice. I personally have indicators that tell me if a dry is going to work, and those indicators told me "not today" wet flies and streamers and....

Sudden changes in weather can turn a stream off very quickly and put the bite in slow mode. Luckily I found a few willing to take Salars Nemesis.

Places like this just beg to be fished, and I wasted no time. I bumped several fish in the pool, and finally hooked one.

He followed the fly as it swung through the outer frothy water and took it as it neared the surface.

The family is all grown up. They have moved on to perhaps warmer climes.

An attention attractor.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Secret Spots," Don't Burn Them" And Other Stuff

Pristine, calm, quiet, soul relaxing, all of these words apply to a scene like this. A small meandering woodland stream. Places like these should be protected as much as possible for they are much to fragile to be taken advantage of. I do not object to people fishing places like this, for most who do seek a place like this is likely of the same mindset as me, and no harm to it or it's inhabitants shall take place. To others who would see this would have other ideas and could do devastating damage to this tranquil place. Places like this are not named or highlighted in any form that would be recognizable by others. An old saying comes to mind "loose lips sink ships" and that applies to a small stream as well as a larger river. Most anglers that read this blog would never cause any harm to that stream, but there are others that read this blog who do not feel the same way. Find a beautiful stream, fish it, release your fish and care for the land. Doing this will insure you'll be able to come back and find it as you left it.

Another "buddy" to the brookie this guy here brings me so much enjoyment. Man these guys will eat any offered fly and will punish your rod. They are so beautiful and photogenic. The big plus is that they bring me back to the boy I was so many years ago.

YLI silk. Three new colors...I love this thread. While my supply of Pearsall's is stable I find myself using more of the YLI than Pearsall's. "Blackberry, Magenta and Light Purple"

"Snipe and Purple"...a North Country classic.....This one is actually a "Woodcock and Purple" for I do not have the Snipe...should work though.

With winters chill here now, it's great to warm up with your favorite "bowl of red"...Chili man Chili....

Thursday, November 15, 2018

It's Here, Or Very Close

Yesterday morning was my first taste of winter. The air temperature was about 30 and the wind chill quite a bit colder. I was dressed for it and I did not feel that bad. The one positive about cold weather fishing is that I don't change flies often, my fingers do not function well so I usually stay with the first fly I tie on. As the morning progressed the the sun took over and warmed things a bit and so the ice jammed guides were done with.

The fishing was slow at first and even in the softer water strikes were few. I was content with the fact that I was out and soon my luck would change.

Along the bank in the quiet water this silver bullet struck a soft-hackle just at the surface. A bullet indeed for it shot all over the place trying to shake the piece of iron in it's mouth.

Another fisherman...obviously he had his eye on a spawning couple. My being close changed his plans.

As rough as this water is it had several pockets that were OK to fish. And a couple of those pockets held fish.

I was happy to manage to pick one out of a soft pocket.

Winter ferns? Such bright green mixed in with the brown of the forest.

A pretty good pocket water fly.

Monday, November 12, 2018

There Are The Times When......

It's going to be sometime before we can enjoy sights as this. It is well into the fall season with cold temps on the way. Before that happens lets look what we had and what we have to look forward to.

Those late spring and summer evenings when this beautiful mayfly is on the water. I love fishing this fly more than the trout love eating them.

A variation of the sulphur. When this fly is moving seductively in the current only good can happen.

A wise wild brown, and a sulphur spider. Perhaps a late afternoon in June.

Late May through September....

November through March.....with a white ground cover mixed in.