Friday, June 4, 2010


A Maine Wild Brook Trout Stream

In the course of a fly fishers life he will fish many waters, with most of them being very kind to him with rewards of special fish , beautiful suroundings, and fine company. This is a thought or two of one of mine. This stream has its headwaters in the Western Maine Mountains. Several ponds and deep springs keep its waters flowing cool until it reaches a large natural lake. Along its run to the lake it travels through one of the most beautiful areas of New England. Birch, Fir, and Maple trees line its boulder riddled banks. In Autumn, at which time I make my visit to this natural jewel, the woods are aflame with natures work. The red maples, golden birch and the deep green of the fir can almost make you stop thinking of fishing. The residents of this stream can rival the color of the countryside. It is home to the Wild Brook Trout. Most of these brookies are on the small side every now and then, especially in the fall when the larger lake dwelling brook trout ascend this small stream to spawn. It was in one year that the largest brook trout I've ever taken came from this stream. As we walk upstream into the Maine Wilderness, fishing as we hiked your eyes will see moose, black bear, and the ever startling partridge. I have over the years fished many flies in this stream, streamers, dries, and wets and the best producers have been wet flies. One outing that will always remain vivid was the time we came upon a pool that had many spawning brookies in it. I tossed an arsenal of flies into that pool, some would follow, some would strike and slash, but not one hookup. I opened the fly box and took hold of a wet fly I carry but did not often fish, a "Parmacheene Belle". That day I called it my "Billy Baroo". When I showed the fly to my wife she said tie it on, because I love the color. I tied on that fly and on the second cast a male brook trout slammed that fly. He was a beautiful fish of 15 inches. That pool produced four more brookies on that fly.
Until this day, when in brook trout waters the "BELLE" will be called to duty.
"Parmacheene Belle"
"Belle" and Friends
A Wild Maine Brook Trout

A Maine Wilderness Stream

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