Monday, June 7, 2010

Carrie Stevens Challenge ll

"Carrie's Favorite"
August 15th will be the 40th anniversary of Carrie Stevens Day. She is responsible for creating the most recognized streamer fly ever. The "Gray Ghost" Carrie is also known to have tied many more streamers, to many to name here. She had no formal training in how to tie a fly, nor did she see any one tie a fly. She tied her flies without the use of a vise. To comemorate this event myself and 23 other fly tyers from around the world accepted a challenge to tie a streamer fly just as she did. The only tools we were allowed to use were, scissors, bobbin for thread, and a bodkin. The pattern that was selected was "Carrie's Favorite" The recipe for this streamer will be posted on the side, along with a photo sequence of how it was tied.


  1. That's a beautiful tie. I just started tying myself...I can't even comprehend doing it without a vise. Amazing.

    Just curious - how much longer do you think it took you to tie one vs. if you were to do it with a vise?

  2. troutrageous,

    I would say at least twice as long to tie as it would take in a vise.

    It gets frustrating and it feels as if you have 20 fingers and they are all in the way.

    I'm not anxious to do another soon.

  3. Very nice job Alan! Looks wonderful, and with great coloration. Can't wait to see more start rolling in!


  4. CD,
    I too am anxious to see a few more being posted.