Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cliff....."Days Worth"

I would like to pass along some info on the Cliff Days Worth fly box. Its a small but ample fly box with the capability of carring a days worth of flies on the stream. One side of the box has two strips that hold your dry flies securly and the other side has a magnetic base that holds nymphs, streamers, wets very tightly. Its made of a very heavy plastic that I believe will take some punishment. I know that the small stream guy would love this box, I know I do. The price is about 15.00, and is made in Wyoming.
Very practical and worht the price.


  1. Looks like a good item. I've been searching for a new box for a while to help streamline, this could be the ticket.

  2. troutrageous,

    I'm going to purchase another, and with the two of them It will fill my needs perfectly.

    And they won't break the budget either.

  3. Cliff makes a good fly box. I have a "Crab shack" for my wading adventures and two "bugger beast Sr." for the boat. The Beast Sr's can hold everything from my small worm flies to my bunker flies.