Friday, June 25, 2010

Small Flies

These are Ausable Bombers tied on a 18 hook.

These are Ausable Bombers tied on size 20 hooks.

This is a Ausable Wulff tied on a size 20 hook.

I have been fishing small streams for some time. The wild trout that inhabit these streams are generally not selective in the flies that are offered for their consumption. The hatches that do happen on these streams are usually sparse and do not occur with the same regularity as other larger streams and rivers. There are a few flies that always come with me on my small stream ventures, a "core selection", I guess. The Ausable Bomber is probably my number one fly, as you can tell if you have seen my posts. I tie this fly in 14 and and have tied it on a number 12 too. This fly always brings the trout to the surface, being especially effective in the morning as well as evening.

Over the last few months I have been facinated by the small flies that some tyers have been posting. They are very realistic and well tied. Well I've sort of thrown my hat into the small fly ring, tying a few of my favorite patterns "MINI" style. These small flies seem to be ok, but the test will come when I cast them upon the waters of one of my little streams.

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