Monday, June 28, 2010

Worm Patterns

I have been tying various worm patterns for a few years now, ever since a friend gave me one and said try it. I did and on the second cast a nice brown took it and gave me a valient battle, which he one. But that day the little brown worm earned its keep in my fly box.

I tie them in a few colors but the brown and the pink work best for me. I know some will say its not a fly, which is probably true in the sense it has no feathers, or hair, but it is an imitation of an earthworm or aquatic worm.

1 comment:

  1. If the hook is on the vise and you tie it, its a fly plain and simple. Back around 1998 i had a conversation with a friend while fishing. We were not fly fishing, but catching fish at night with a 2.5 inch fins-fish tied above the plug as a teaser. Noting hit the plugs, everything was on the little teaser. I mentioned to my buddy we should glue them on to fly hooks for fly fishing, "thats not fly fishing, its BS fishing, no way" he said. Well 3 years latter some creative person came up with the gummy minnow, one of the top fall albie flies. Again, if you dream it and tie it, its a fly! Nice job.