Wednesday, July 21, 2010

S.S.R. Endorsed Brookie Bucktails

The Edson Tiger, and Mickey Finn

These two bucktails have been my favorites in my quests for wild brook trout in small streams. The Edson Tiger, and Mickey Finn have managed to bring countless trout to hand. I believe the combination of yellow, and red to be a killer combination for brookies, but the bucktails have taken their share of wild browns.

I fish these all year long, but the fall and winter have been best, perhaps its the times I fish them most. They are very easy to tie, requiring only a few materials. They can be fished in fast or slow water, stripped both up and downstream.

I can recall a day in February, where the sun was out brightly and the noon temps were around 50. The wife sugested we take a walk along a stream in south central CT.
A stream that eventually works its way to the Connecticut River. I had my fly rod rigged with a Mickey Finn, and as we were crossing a foot bridge I tossed the fly into the water. The current quickly swept it towards the bank about ten yards downstream. As I took hold of the line and started to retrieve, a fish rose in a swirl just behind the Mickey, a silvery figure of perhaps 20 inches, he could have eaten that fly but decieded to retreat back to his position in the stream.

That spring I visited that same stream several times, unable to fish the same area because of swift water, I moved upstream where I could fish the stream better. The Mickey produced several browns, and a salmon smolt of generous size.

These bucktails are worth the effort to try on any day.


  1. hey i live in north haven. love to find and fish small brookie streams.great blog keep us posted

  2. Mr. North Haven,

    Welcome to my blog, feel free to comment, and comment often.

    I'll do my best to keep you informed

  3. What sizes do you tie? Or in other words, how small can you go and still have good results?

  4. Chris,

    I tie them in sizes 8, 10, and 12.

    The ones pictured are tied on Mustad 3665A #12

  5. Yeah mickey finns are a great trout fly. When i was in high school i was trying to catch trout on the fly with no luck. I was thinking to myself "how could i not catch trout in a river when i can hunt down stripers with the fly". I noticed a kid about 11 in the pool below me slaying them on a spinning rod. I asked "what are you getting them on"? He replied " a red and white dare devil". The only fly i had with red was a mickey finn. soon after tying it on i caught my first 3 trout on the fly. Great post!