Monday, July 19, 2010

Touching Base

While we have been recieving rain, from Tstorms primarily, every little bit has helped. The little streams have been boosted somewhat and thats certainly welcomed.

I am continuing to fish The Farmington River, which is nice and cool. I have been doing well with the brown trout, using a Bomber, and BHPT's. If we should get some more rain in the next few days I may take a walk to a small stream and check the water temps, if suitable, I'll drop a Bomber.


  1. No rain and the heat must be tough on the trout. I hope they can find a hole with lots of shade to shack up in.

  2. Glad your keeping a eye on your trout. I hope the stream temperatures return to a healthy level soon.

    I have a few streams that never seem to get above the low 60's that I like to fish during hot periods. I don't know why they stay so cool, but it is nice to have a place to fish without worrying about stressing them out.

  3. Savage, most of those little wild guys will find the cold springs on the streams, they just need the water to find them.

    I believe they will do OK.

  4. That's a really nice brown there!

    I haven't checked in on the little wild guys in my local small streams lately, the weather has been hot, and rivers and streams are running as low as I've ever seen them. Hope they're ok!