Thursday, August 5, 2010

Berkshire Bushwack

A small Berkshire freestone

I saw these guys in a stream that leads to the swamp.
To the beaver pond.

Monday night I pulled out a map of south west Massachusetts, looking for some blue lines that might hold some water, which perhaps = native char. Finding a few prospects and highlighting them. I headed off on Wed. to check them out first hand.
An hour and a half later I pulled off the dirt road into a small parking area. While assembling my gear I could feel the warm sticky breeze coming from the forest, lots of sweat today, saying to myself. I started walking into the woods, knowing the stream I had selected to prospect was about a half mile in. The walk was gentle, sloping downward toward the stream.

There were lots of sights along the way to view, woodland critters, toads, mushrooms, and a few very old foundations from years past. As I got closer to the stream I could hear the sound of water rolling over the rocks, and could feel the breeze now somewhat cooler. When I reached the waters edge, I put down the small pack and retrieved the stream thermometer and tossed into the creek. Afer a minute I took a look at the temp 70 degrees, walking along the stream I came upon several deeper runs and a few nice pools, checking the temps they were still to warm to fish. In my attempts to check the stream temps I did spook several trout. I did not fish this stream but did take several hours walking along it and taking notes..

By this time the heat and humidity were starting to take a toll on me. I had already drank several bottles of water, and my shirt and hat were quite wet. I decieded to walk back out. This is a stream I plan to return to, perhaps in the fall.

When I reached the car I had a good sweat going, I grabbed a thermos full of iced tea and took a big drink, consuming half of it before breaking down the rod, and storing my gear. While doing this a truck pulled up, the driver said, Hi, I returned the greeting and we then had an informative chat. He had given me an address, and a hand drawn map to a beaver pond/swamp, not to far from where we were. He said it was a brookie hideout that needed a so called short jaunt through a swamp, but worth the effort. I thanked him for the info, and before I left I drove to where I would start my walk to the pond. Needless to say it was not going to be done this day.

But it is now on the list of "Berkshire Bushwhacks"


  1. it sure has been humid could lose a few pounds on a trip like that. followed a stream i found in wallingford a few weeks back.will try it in the fall.dave in north haven

  2. Dave,
    Your right, lots of sweat.

    This weekend looks to be good, cooler nights and days will sure help.

  3. I can't think of a better way to enjoy the outdoors on a hot summer day. Looking at the pics i could almost feel the cooler air next to the river sitting at my computer.

  4. Looks like a bushwhack well worth it. You never know what treasures lie ahead off the beaten path.

  5. Savage, It was a hot one, but it felt 10 degrees cooler as you got closer to the water.

    Very true, I believe this stream might be a real gem.