Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Fly Rod

The Orvis, "Small Stream Special"

I don't know if you could call this a product report, for I have been fishing this rod for 20 years. But here are my thought's on this small stream fly rod.

The Orvis Superfine" Small Stream Special"

I purchased my first one in 1990 and it has been my number one rod for the small streams I fish. It's a 7ft 5wt Full Flex that rollcasts beautifully. Coupled with an English made Battenkill 5/6 reel, it's not only a great combination to fish with, it's very handsome too.


  1. I have never fished the "Superfine", but I do own a "Silver Label" 7' 5 wt and it's the best small stream rod I have. It will do everything you ask of it and could possibly need it to do on a small stream.

  2. Terry,
    I believe they are pretty much the same.

  3. I have a sister rod to this, an early 90's Orvis Superfine Brook Trout (7 1/2' 4 weight 2 piece) with a English made Battenkill 3/4 clicker reel all in excellent condition that I am looking to sell. If anyone is interested or would like pictures, contact me at

    I didn't mean to spam this blog, I just found this through a Google search. Great blog, by the way!

  4. I had a Orvis HLS one of my first premium rods. Loved it, but got sorted by Sage in later years.

    Still it's nice to have a rod with some history.

  5. Flyfishermanrichard,
    I love my Orvis Superfine. I broke the tip a while back sent it back to Orvis and what a beautiful job of restoring it they did.

  6. thanks for a great blog. looking at the trout you love to catch i would, with respect, recommend that you try an 0-000wt rod with a click reel from sage. it takes minimalist small stream fishing for these jewels to a whole new level. i fish the new sage txl-f 2wt and 0wt alternatively here in the cape in south africa and i'm always blown away. keep up the great writing.

  7. Norwegian flyfisher...
    When it comes to light flyrods.....The Orvis One Ounce....there is none lighter but the new Orvis Helios One Ounce which is a bit lighter.
    Great flyrods!!

  8. This is very interesting to me! I'm small stream afficionado too... and use 7ft 5wt soft action rod also!!! What a coincidence?!? ...or not. :)

    Btw, VERY nice blog...

  9. I have an Orvis Brook Trout Superfine rod that's my dedicated small stream brook trout fly rod. It's not particularly good at nymphing because it's too soft, but there isn't a better dry fly rod for tight corners and precision presentations. Like yours, I have an original Battenkill (made in England) reel -- albeit it has a disc drag rather than click 'n' pawl -- balancing out the rod.

    Beautiful pics! I have some gorgeous photos of the last weekend of trout season on a northern WI freestone brook trout stream...a piece of heaven for sure!

  10. I also have fished the Orvis 7'5wt "small stream special" since 1990, mostly on a certain stream which held good sized rainbows and required 1-3 split shot to get a nymph down to them. Among my Orvis, Sage and Scott flyrods, this one fits me ideally and feels better than any of them. Now the once great stream has few big fish, but still holds small wild rainbows and brooks. It seems a 4wt or 3wt would be better. Was the "small stream special' produced in other than 5wt?

    Petersburg, WV

  11. I build my own rods, so I cannot comment on the Orvis rod. But... I will say you have really "captured the moment" with your photos... I fish the mountain streams in the fall, winter, and spring... and have many of my own fly patterns. A good day of fishing in the mountains can only be rivaled by a good long hike through the same mountains. The little elk hair caddis flys on the left side of your box are among my favorites patterns. Tie a few with peacock herl bodies and yellow-tinted deer hair wings... Thanks for sharing your photos! Regards, Vance