Sunday, August 29, 2010

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday afternoon my wife and I took a drive to one of our favorite places. Its a lovely stream that flows through a beautiful hemlock and oak forest. The woods were cool except where the sun was able to break through. Just to walk along its banks is pleasure enough, but to have a fly rod in hand is heaven.

I tied on a Bomber and began running it down the riffles and runs, with the thought of a brookie rising quickly to the fly. But after many attempts I soon realized that the fish were not looking up. I opened my box and selected a wet fly, one of only a few I carry. A "Picket Pin". Several casts into the stream soon led me to believe it was a good decision. The wild brookies in this stream gave me a wonderful afternoon. Their beauty as well as the place they call home made this Saturday afternoon special.

The brookies showed a preferance for a wet fly,"Picket Pin"

A welcomed and refreshing time.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I can't think of a better way to spend an afternoon with a loved one. I am glad to see you got a few trout before the heat returns.

  2. That looks like a really nice little stream. Thanks for sharing.

  3. savage,
    Thanks. Yes the heat is back. Hopefully the nights are cool, and there is less daylight. A possible bout with a hurricane later in the week.

    Your welcome. It truly is a sweet piece of water, located in the Berkshires.

  4. Great post and pics, asalways. Funny - you and Bill (Fall Road Archer) both had success on brookies with Picket Pins. That was one of the first flies I ever fished with any success, but it's been years since I used one. Might need to add a few to the arsenal

  5. Very nice. Sounds like the ideal way to spend a nice weekend day. Just curious, does your wife fish at all?

  6. I like the picture of the mushroom. I am a sucker for wierd pictures.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  7. wolfy,
    Its a great fly, trout and landlocked salmon love it.


    She does at times, but she likes the walks in and the beauty of the streams. She also enjoys taking photos.

    I also enjoy the odd things found in the places I fish.

  8. I so enjoy your blog. The photos are exceptional. One question. How do you approach fishing these streams with wet, soft hackle flies? Down streams swing? Or up stream with a high rod tip? I just fished a really small brook in NJ this past weekend. Caught one small brook trout using your Ausable Bomber hook size reco. Beautiful fish. So thanks!