Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Local Flavors

Over weeks to come I'm going to do a few features on some of the great local establishments, and farms. They have so much to offer, and done with a local flavor.

Avery's is a soda bottling company that has been in business in New Britain for over a 100 years. It produces a really fine soda, with lots of the old favorite flavors. I can remember as a kid going fishing at a nearby golf course pond, and on the way home stopping by Avery's for an ice cold orange soda. It tasted great then and its great now. If your ever in New Britain, CT. stop at Avery's and enjoy.

An old fashioned soda plant


  1. Looks tasty.

    I remember going to a place near where my grandmother lived in Manchester, CT, called the Poppe Shoppe. She would let us pick out the flavors and fill a crate.

    We would drink them all summer. My favorite flavors were orange, lemon lime, and of course, birch beer.

    I loved it!

    Ringgold, GA

  2. Scott,
    Thanks for your comment.

    I seem to recall a Poppe Shoppe in New Britain, perhaps in the 70's.

    Birch Beer, and Sarsaparilla, are a favorite of mine.

  3. It would have been 70's and early 80's. My family moved from CT to Tennessee in the early 70's, but we used to drive up to CT every summer for two weeks.

    There is some beautiful country up there. I was in CT in June for my grandmother's funeral. She was 106 years old and was buried in a cemetery out up the hills of Winchester, CT.


  4. Scott,
    Sorry about grandmother.

    I have a few wild brook trout streams I fish in the Winsted area.

  5. all the way down here in newhaven we drink foxon park.gassosa white birch too good.spent a lot of time in my college days in new britian but never experienced averys. of course i wasn't drinking much soda back then. we also had the pop shoppe down here. didn't last long, dave in north haven

  6. Brk Trout,
    Thanks for the condolence. She lived a very long, full life. As I walked around the cemetery and looked at the beauty around, I couldn't help but think my grandma would be happy there with nature all around. My mom said someone famous, I can't remember who, has relatives buried there, and was friends with my grandma.
    My mom's cousin lives in Winsted. We drove out there from the airport, and then went to the funeral. There is some beautiful looking country up there.
    My grandma used to tell me about driving my grandfather out there and dropping him off to fish for brook trout. That would have been back in the 40's or 50's.
    It is my hope to go up there soon and trout fish. I have never trout fished there before.

    Maybe one day soon.


  7. Dave, I have had Foxon Park soda, bought it once at a Big Y, Good stuff.

    Scott, Its nice country, lots to explore.
    Thin blue lines on the maps, many of them have wild jewels in their waters.

  8. Another Sarsaparilla fan, excellent! Stuff is hard to find my way. We have an A-Treat bottling company out of Allentown that makes it, but that's about it in my neck of the woods. One of my favorite tastes in soda. I could probably do a google search of some sort, but do you know if Avery's ships out of state?

  9. troutrageous1,

    I do believe that Avery's will ship.

    Here is their web site.