Thursday, August 12, 2010


It all starts with fresh ripe native tomatos, they are peeled and cored. Then they are diced put into a pot with onions, garlic, the best olive oil and seasoned, allowed to cook until you can't stand it any more and you dig in.

A meatball sandwich, with Romano and roasted red peppers
Meatballs with freash tomatos and sliced Romano cheese
Mini Rigatoni with fresh tomatos and spinach

If there is a plus side to the heat and humidity its got to be the bounty of tomatos. Over the last few weeks I have visited a local farm and have been buying and enjoying these beauties. As an Italian I've probably have more ways of preparing the tomato then there are weeks in the year. Here are a few.


  1. the joys of living in ct. made some meatballs the other day.only here can you eat like that and i am irish. dave in north haven.oh yeah the bread the venice bakery in hamden just perfect

  2. Dave, The wonderful smell of fresh baked bread, from your local bakery. No supermarket bakery can duplicate it.

    Savage, Yes it is. I wish I had some of those clams that you posted.

  3. Brk Trt you are killing me with the food posts. I love this time of year - fresh tomatoes, basil and some mozzarella...yum... I eat my cherry tomatoes of the vine. :) Thanks for sharing...Damn I'm hungry again.

  4. Passinthru,

    Thats a classic fresh tomatos, basil, fresh mozzarella.
    Thats got me hungry.