Monday, October 18, 2010

A Small Stream, and "Thanks"

I was invited to fish a small wild trout stream, by a fellow small stream fisher, and "Fly Addict", Apache Trout. This is a stream he has fished many times and holds its waters with respect. This was my first time fishing it.

We met at a parking area and after some talk he took me down to the stream and started telling of its better places to fish, and the flies that he has used on it many times. He knew the stream well and his info worked magic on the wild trout that inhabit the stream.

We had a very enjoyable few hours, hooking some trout and even a few to hand. I thank him for the invite, and all that nature provided.

Apache Trout stalking wild trout

A favorite fly rod of mine. Great on small waters

This was my fly of the day, "Rich Sally"

These are two flies given to me by Apache Trout. They are widely used in the Smokies. "Yellarhammer" and "Coreys Calf Tail"


  1. My pleasure.
    It was picture perfect fall day for matching wits with wild trout.
    We'll have to do it again.

  2. Very cool report. Nice to be introduced to new waters by someone who knows them well.

  3. great report and pictures as usual BrkTrt. Is this the same AT from the forums? If so i enjoy is reports and help also.

    Some great looking flies. It looks like goose biot used on the yellahammer is that correct?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Passinthru Outdoors Blog - Sharing the Passion

  4. troutrageous1, thanks.
    AT knows the stream very well, even has names for the undercuts.

  5. Passinthru, thanks.
    He is the same AT of the other forums.

    The feather used on the Yellarhammer are dyed grouse or dove.

  6. Always nice to fish with a friend.


  7. Adam, and Shoreman,

    Thanks guys.

  8. Hey guys! It's kind like a Smallstreams reunion.

    Thanks for sharing your trip. It is always nice to hook up with friends.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  9. Ryan, thanks.
    Your right on the Smallstreams. Lots of us post on both.

  10. The personal aspects of small streams offer a closeness to nature and for me, a more intimate respect for the fish who are able to live there. It's got to be a difficult lifestyle at times!