Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thorns, Briars, and Weeds

At this ime of the year nature puts on a color show that few worldly artists could duplicate. It's also a time when much of the flora dies, and reverts to seed. But for some strange reason the briars and thorns seem to grow and become sharper.

Yesterday while walking into a stream I crossed a field full of weeds, and when I got home 2/3rds of the seeds were in my clothes and lungs. As for the other problem, the thorns proceeded to play tic tac toe on my exposed skin, and perforating my jeans, causing damage. Most of the small streams I fish I don't wade in, so its a constant fight with the thorns.

As for the cuts, the ones that are visable by the blood are nothing compared to the ones you can't see. Just take a shower, and the hot water will tell you where the others are.

The green briars.

The stream was low and clear, not easy to fool a wild trout

This guy could'nt resist.


  1. Ouch. I'm wincing just reading this post. Looks like you had a good day fishing regardless. That picture of the trout peeking his head from under the leaves is great!

  2. Very nice post! I have walked through a few picky items myself. I love the last pic. God bless the Red White and Blue!

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. I guess the cuts and scratches are part of the price we pay to be "one" with Nature.


  4. beautiful pics! I must say it looks like a perfect day to enjoy a stream.

  5. troutrageous1,Ryan, Mark, Savage.