Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fly Wallets

An LL Bean leather tri-fold fly wallet

In the early days of flyfishing, the 1920's the fly wallet was the way featherwing, and bucktail streamers and wet flies were carried to the waters. Many of them were fleece lined and would hold the flat flies, and several had pockets that would carry leaders.
Fly wallets in recent times have been moved aside to more modern fly boxes of foam and plastic.
I have over the years have collected several of these wallets, and love to display streamers in them. I still use one of them to this day, a Cortland, leather and fleece style.

My favorite, a Cortland fly wallet

This is a fly book made of leather, and several hard fleece pages

An Orvis fly wallet

This is a fly wallet I purchased in the Adirondacks

There are a few artists who today produce many beautiful fly wallets.

This is one of them,


  1. Oh, wow! I have been looking at these...and trying to decide what to get. I kind of just want a wool "Fly Patch", but these wallets look pretty cool...

  2. I have a fly wallet from LL Bean but it is not made of leather. I recently bought another fly box from LL Bean and it is the plastic, foam lined type. Since I haven't actually fly fished yet I like the fly wallet but I am sure there are some drawbacks to them that I haven't encountered yet.

  3. I have one wallet that came from a friend who lived on the west coast many years ago. I use exclusively for my Maine Landlock streamer patterns when fishing the fall run. Included are Nine threes, Joe's smelt, Parmacheene Belles, Marabou Black Gost and the like. Nice topic worth mentioning Brooktrout!

  4. Brt Trt,
    I'm glad you mentioned the Parmacheene Belles used for Maine Landlocks.

    I use a Parmacheene Wulff for Brookies, and it works like a dream.

    Many people haven't heard of or use this pattern, so its seldom used, but here is a link, check'em out.

    Nice fly wallets....DRYFLYGUY

  5. Damsel,
    The wallets are great for flat feathered flies, but not good foe hackled flies, it tends to crush the hackles

    One of the drawbacks is you must allow the streamers to dry. Leave the wallet open after using the flies.

    Those are some great patterns you mentioned.
    The Nine/Three is a favorite.

    I've never heard of that pattern, but checked the link you provided and its a good looking brookie pattern for sure. I'm going to tie a few.

  6. you got me thinking that my Dad had an old leather fly wallet..I'm thinking it may be in one of my storage boxes somewhere..sure would like to find it..

  7. Love the post! I've still got my Grand Dad's and my Dad's fly wallets complete with gut snelled flies that they tied.

  8. penbayman,
    I hope you locate it.

    Midge Man,
    They must be beautiful. Its always nice to keep a bit of the past.

  9. Nice sampling. I recall that felt paged one was quite a big deal on The Streamer List back in the day. Many felt it was the best they had ever seen. Sadly, I believe the guy stopped making them.

  10. CD,
    Thanks, I believe I got the address from you.
    I believe they were made in Pennsylvania.