Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Down Under, and Other Pleasures..........

The "Aussie Emerger"

The Aussie Emerger is a simple pattern requiring only a couple of materials. They are Hot Orange thread, and Austrailian Oppossum dyed orange. I have not given this pattern a workout as of this post, but plan to soon.

"Trout Grass" is a DVD about making and fishing bamboo. It is wonderfully done and shows a part of the beauty of fly fishing. It takes you from where the bamboo is harvested in China to the craftsman who creates a work of art.

The "Iron Horse"

A streamer I created and named for a special place.


  1. The Aussie Emerger.....very nice! looking forward to seeing a post about how it fishes.

  2. That Aussie Emerge sure looks buggy. A must tie for me to try.

  3. Kiwi,
    Thanks. It's sort of built along the lines of the Usual.

    I'm sure it would work well on those eastern CT streams you fish.

  4. That's a great fly. I couldn't get into Trout Grass. I lost interest quickly. Maybe it's my lack of understanding just how special bamboo rods our. Fly fishing movies are hard for me to really enjoy. Sometimes they over embellish the drama of catching fish or there's some crazy soundtrack that is the opposite of the serene fishing experience. I wish I could find something in between.

  5. Aussie Emerger looks great can't wait to hear how it works, and that DVD is now on the list of movies I'm going to watch next time we have rain and nothing going on.

  6. Kev2380,
    Thanks for the comments.
    I'm in agreement with you on some of the FF videos, but I thought this one covered a special part of fly fishing.


  7. That Aussie Emerger looks fantastic!! It's like a Halloween Usual. Nice tie.

  8. I really like the simplicity of the Aussie. Looks like a fish fooler for sure. I also own and love the movie Trout Grass. Wish I was a bamboo fly rod maker. Someday maybe:) Great looking streamer. Thanks

  9. Todd,
    Thanks. Now that I look a bit closer, it does have that Halloween look.

    Trout Magee,
    Although I don't fish bamboo, I can see the attraction to something that's as natural as the fish we seek. Thanks

  10. The Aussie looks like a great little fly, can't wait to hear about how it fishes. Trout Grass is a great movie. I'm not a bamboo fisherman, but would be interested at some point. Incredible process to say the least.