Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Small Stream Reflection, and Some Long Flies

As I was fishing this stream one morning. The sun was just breaking through the woods. I glanced into the stream and saw this reflection.


A streamer I created and named for a very deep lake. This lake is located in northern Connecticut.


Another streamer of my doing. I've named it for its colors, which are October like. An attractor that might sway a brook trout or salmon.


  1. Beautiful streamers as always!

  2. I really like the "Octoberfest"...Beautiful streamers.

  3. Jay,
    Thanks, It's appreciated.

    Thanks. "Octoberfest", will get a workout this Autumn.

  4. Your flies are too pretty to fish...for real.

  5. Wow that Octoberfest Streamer is spectacular. Really dig the small stream reflection shot. I love when the sun peeks through the trees.

  6. I'll take 6 Octoberfest- sign me up Scotty. Those would work awesome on the big brookies here.

  7. Mike,

    Trout Magee,
    Thanks. That reflection caught my eye, like a rise in the pool.

  8. Fontinalis Rising,
    Thanks. Octoberfest does have those brookie attracting colors.

  9. I concur with all the Octoberfest comments Professor.

    Are you being impacted by the "run" on feathers by hairdressers? I saw this on the local news last night. Here is a link to the story: http://bit.ly/kI31gF

  10. Ed,
    I was able to select some fine saddles a year or so ago.
    I learned my lesson, short supplies when the bird flu hit.

  11. Do you pheasant feathers at all?

    I go bird hunting in the fall and wouldn't mind sending you whatever you need.

  12. Ed,
    I do use them, but only as shoulders on some of my streamers. Right now I have a good supply of them. Thank you for the offer.

    But I might enjoy some bird hunting.

  13. That Hogsback is striking Alan. You need to pop that over on the Streamer List. ;-)

  14. Octoberfest is a work of art and sure to be a killer with the brookies. Excellent flies!

  15. You are more than welcome to join us.

    We may go to a reserve in Douglas MA in the fall
    if that makes more sense for you. Let me know.

  16. Chris,
    Thanks. I'll post it on the Streamer List soon.

    Yellow, Orange combination, is a set of colors to bring a brookie about.
    There is a great feather wing streamer that's tops in my opinion, for brook trout. The "Footer Special"

    I'll keep it in mind.

  17. Splendid! A very distinct American style of fly, they remind me of the lovely illustrations in Veniards Fly Dresser's Guide that have them arranged in serried ranks and fire the imagination with mental images of big lonely rivers shared with eagles and bears...

    Regular Rod

  18. Rod,
    Thank you.
    They truly are an American style.
    And your thought of where they are fished is very true.