Sunday, June 5, 2011

Solitude, It's There.

Connecticut is a state that has a great deal of state owned land, and many large state forests. A few of these have many small streams, of which some of those hold wild trout.
Late fall and early spring are good times to do some exploring of these streams. The brush and leaves are not a problem allowing easy access to these small waters. Once you have found the better areas to fish these streams, returning when the leaf canopy can afford you some concealment, fishing can be productive.
This was a day, several small browns came to hand, with a brookie who departed before a camera shot. These fish were taken on a Aussie Emerger, a fly of only two materials. The fly worked well.

The quarters on these streams can be tight, and frustrating at times.

I saw this spring seeping up. Placing my thermometer near it the water temp was 50 degrees.

Wild brown who found the Aussie Emerger to his liking.

Plunge pools can be hotspots.

Handsome wild beauty.

You will enjoy the bounty of these small streams, and the wonderful solitude they can give. Just seek them out.


  1. Good stuff Alan (as usual).

    Since the Aussie is only made from two types of material would you agree it probably would be a good first fly to try attempt on my own? Also, what other flies would be "easy" to begin learning how to tie flies?

  2. Rod,

    Two that come to mind would be, a Wooly Bugger, and an Edson Tiger.

  3. Thank you sir....

    also any tips on a "beginners" tool kit and materials?

  4. Alan
    Thanks for following my blog Fly Waters Edge.
    I love fishing small streams there is not nearly enough of them in my area. Hard to beat wild Browns and Brookies!

  5. Brk Trt....Nice post as usual. I'm glad to see your Aussie Emerger works nicely!

  6. Looks like a great place to explore. Great photos! Can't wait to try that Aussie Emerger on some small streams (or any stream/river) here in CO. I'll try to post a picture or two on my blog...

  7. Beautiful pics and I love the look of that water. Those plunge pools look like the fish will love them. Beauty fish and great post.

  8. Ed,
    If you are serious about fly tying, I believe your first tool should be a good vise. I suggest a Regal Medallion. The tools needed are a good bobbin, scissors, bodkin, and tweezers.
    Most of these can be purchased at well stocked fly shops, or Beans, Cabelas, or Bass Pro Shops.
    As far as materials, I prefer to buy them where I can see them. Mail order on some of the feathers, hair can be hit or miss as far as quality gos.

    When the time gets closer to your tying I;ll be happy to fill you in on some material.

    FWE, Kevin.
    Your blog is wonderful.
    I have already tried your Settlers Beans, delicious.

  9. Kiwi,
    The Aussie E, was welcomed by these wild guys, I can't wait to fish it on the Farmington.

    I'll be waiting for that report.

  10. BT,
    How do you fish the plunge pools with a dry? From above or below?? In the rough water, or the smoother tailout section??

  11. Trout Magee,

    I fish these pools from above. I'll allow the fly to drift right over the falls. The fly will get sucked under and that's where the hit will occur. They will also follow the fly as the current pulls it towards the tail out and take it there.

  12. you mind if I call you the Professor (for all the teaching you are doing here)?

  13. You inspired a change of plans in my fishing trip yesterday. I was in CT and planed to hit one of the big rivers, but along the way I saw a small stream and changed my mind. I'll have the post up in the next day or two, but I wanted to say thanks because I needed some small stream reflections time.

  14. Ed,
    That's OK by me.

    I'll be looking forward to that small stream report.

  15. Alan: As usual, beautiful pics of beautiful fish. If you get a chance, revisit that spring in August. It would be interesting to see how it gets affected later in the season from both a flow and temp perspective. Alternatively, you could send me the GPS coordinates for the stream and I can help you out. ;-)

  16. Steve,
    That's a good idea.
    Hopefully it will still be pumping some cool waters.
    It's been hot and not much rain, hope that changes soon.