Sunday, August 7, 2011

Beauty, Simplicity and Salmon

There are times when things happen they seem to be not very important at the time they take place, but in time they become very beautiful and bring a bit of joy to us daily.

This is one such time. Our grand daughter gave us a package of seed during this past winter. They were called butterfly flowers. She said could you plant these when the snow is gone, I think they will be nice and bring you lots of butterflies. I said OK and put them on the counter. Well the packet wound up in a drawer and remained there until the end of May or so. While going through the drawer my wife found the seeds and said lets plant Morgans flowers. Well I found a flower pot I thought would be big enough and planted them. They grew into some of the most beautiful tiny flowers we have ever seen. They sit on a table on the deck, and their beauty is enjoyed daily.

Native produce. Blueberries, and corn, along with butter and maple syrup from this year. These are small things by themselves, but put them together and they can bring you joy for sure.

Upon looking at this fly the name Hornberg comes to mind, and that's perhaps what was on my mind when I started to tie it. Although when completed it looked more like a stone fly. I have fished this fly in many streams and while it will take a fish or two from time to time it's not what you would call a killer, except on one river here in Connecticut. I won't mention the name, but it's one of our better trout streams.
On this river it never fails to produce many trout. Why this is I can't guess.

This is a fillet of fish sandwich........ Grilled salmon fillet, on Italian bread.


  1. Brk Trt,
    again nice post! Beautiful flowers and a slightly different look on a classic fly. You'd think that pattern would be kill'a ( My past Boston accent )

    Fresh blueberries on an english muffin? I honestly never thought of that, though I'm going to try it asap.


  2. It always amazes me what one tiny seed can produce. From the yummy sweetcorn, blueberries and those beautiful flowers to the very tree that produced that yummmy syrup. It is crazy how some flies perform on one stream well and not as well on others. Oh man does that Salmon look scrumptious. Great post. Tight Lines.

  3. That fish sandwich looks great! I thank that is a dinner idea for this week sometime.

  4. Something about this post made me really hungry. Those pancakes and salmon look really really good.

  5. Could that possibly be a Sebago salmon that succumbed to one of your streamers?

  6. George,

    Maybe I should fish it more often on other waters, luck may change.

    Trout Magee,
    Even Morgan was surprised when she saw the flowers. Maple syrup, fresh pancakes....yes sir.

  7. Bruce,
    Do up a pair of fillets for you and the wife.


    That shall be always be a secret.