Friday, August 5, 2011

Excitement, and The Golden Badger

This is a post about several exciting happenings that took place a day or so ago. The first was a visit I paid to a stream, a small one that holds wild brookies. This stream last year at this time was very low, with stream temps that made it not fish able. This summer up to this point has been a bit more generous in the rain fall, being slightly better. And although we have had some very hot days I don't believe it was as bad as last summer.

Upon arriving at the stream I could see that the flows were OK, and the dark leaf canopy was doing its part to keep things cool. The water was very clear and after a few steps I startled many trout, sending them for cover. As I walked along the banks I dropped my thermometer into the water, its readings were another exciting happening of the day..... 64 degrees. I continued to check the temps as I fished this little stream and the temps were consistent.

I tied on a mayfly pattern I had tied the day before, a lovely fly that was tied with some badger hackle that had been dyed gold. As I sent the fly along a riffled run, I was hoping for a rise from a brookie. This being a small stream the response comes quick, and is generally not repeated... I just gave away my position the trout would say. The rise came after a few drifts, and the brookie was in a few seconds. While this happened more than normal, it did not frustrate me, I was excited that the fly was doing its part.

I am very familiar with these waters and over many years I have taken lots of brookies here. They are all wild fish. On a few outings, I could count them on one hand I have taken wild browns. These few browns were in the 10 to 12 inch range, very robust fish. This was the most exciting part of this outing. Along a very dark deep run, that swept the water into a undercut, the mayfly was molested by a flash of silver, in a moment a beautiful little wild brown was in hand. I took a quick photo, and released the wonderful wild fish back into the stream. Off it went, disappearing back into the undercut. I stopped to think about just what happened. A trout of this size, had to begin its life in this stream.
Perhaps at the start of this outing I had hopes for a different result in the maiden outing of this little mayfly. But upon holding that little wild brown, I realized my hopes were fulfilled.

Clear, and cool. The woody debris, the stones, and the leaf canopy, all doing there part.

The gold badger hackled mayfly.

The wild beauty of this beautifully spotted, red adipose fin little brown capped the excitement of a few hours on this little stream.

When I got home that afternoon I found this waiting. My son had made this pizza.
Fresh native tomatoes, broccoli, grilled chicken, and fresh mozzarella.
Talk about exciting...



  1. Brk Trt,
    after reading you prior post on the golden badger hackle you recieved from your friend across the pond, I'm glad the flies you created worked well with that material.

    A beautiful brown to add, and a colorful and delicious looking pizza, I bet it tasted as good as it looks..........DRYFLYGUY

  2. Not a brookie, but I think Roy would apreciate your catch all the same.

  3. Beautiful little brown. Thanks for the post.

  4. Sometimes it's the unexpected that make us the happiest, whether it's a little wild brown or pizza when you get home. An exciting day for sure.

  5. Great post, and now my mouth is watering!

    Catching that brown on that fly was a surprise.
    Jr. does make a wonderful pizza.

    Yes Roy will like it.

  7. Kiwi,
    The excitement over a 4 inch fish.... It never stops.

    It's like finding a Mickey Mantle rookie card at a tag sale.

    Pizza has a way of doing that.

  8. I have to say that in this post the pizza looks better than the fish. I must be starving.

  9. I can't imagine much of a better day on a beautiful little brook trout stream. I love the different dots on the adipose fins and how healthy and strong those browns always are. Great looking fly and great pics too. Then to top it off with that delicious looking homemade pizza, awesome. 2 slices please :) Tight Lines.

  10. Great looking fish, and as for the pizza it is making me hungry! Has your son ever tried grilling pizza it's really good if you do it right!

  11. Kev2380'
    At the end of day, it did look quite good.

    Trout Magee,
    It was one of my better days. I think some of the smaller fish seem to have deeper colors.
    The pizza is on its way.

    We have grilled pizza. Using regular dough, it was a bit difficult. We then tried using pita bread, and flour tortillias and they came out fine.