Thursday, December 31, 2015

Bookends....2015 in closing.

New Years Day 2015

As we are about to close another year and prepare for the new one we all have a hope for the very best that year can bring. My year was one of the better years in terms of health and family, I guess that's pretty much all that matters. In the life of a fly angler my last year was a banner year. It started with a brook trout and ended with a brook trout. The year ahead has a great deal of promise for me and I hope I can keep some of them.

A stream, December 30 2015. My last outing of the year. Peaceful solitude.

My last brook trout of '15. Thanks.

Life was good in brook trout forest in 2015.
Here's wishing all of you a very Happy New Year.


  1. A happy and tight lined New Year to you my friend.

  2. Happy New Year and thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Happy New Year my friend. Keep up the good work and letting us know how bad your life sucks ;)

  4. Not a bad way to start and end a year, Alan. Hope 2016 is good to you. Cheers!

    1. Justin Carfagnini
      Happy New Year


  5. Happy New Year Brk Trt!! May we start 2016 where we left off!! See ya NYD!

  6. A pair of bookends by themselves are just decorations. May your library continue to grow in 2016

  7. Thanks for the dreams Alan. My best to you and the family in the coming year.

  8. Alan
    2015 was a fantastic year for you, I couldn't begin to pick your best post you wrote this past year. I'm looking forward to more great small stream post from you in 2016. Happy New Year, my friend!

  9. Wonderful way to end a year. I am thankful in 2015 I found your blog. I have learned a lot Even though I've been fly fishing for forty years myself. I really enjoy every trip you take us on and look forward to 2016. I wish you a healthy and prosperous new year.