Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An Early Evening

I decieded to fish a stream late yesterday afternoon into the early evening. The stream is covered heavily with hemlocks and it was quite dark in places. The stream was clear and crisp as was the air. I started fishing dries, Bombers, Adams Parachutes, and Wulffs but with no responses, although a few rises were noted. I tied on a streamer, Edson Tiger and soon hooked up to what was a brookie I believe. There was a brief skirmish, he went right and the streamer went left. I walked down the stream fishing likely fish holding spots but no more hookups. One area that caught my eye earlier as prime holding water proved not to be, but back on the way out I fished it again. Two drifts with the fly and two varied retrieves brought no response. On the third cast, closer to the tree I flash darted out and a hookup took place. The fish felt strong and almost took me into the submerged debris. Finally I was able to bring the fish to hand. He was a brown of about 12 inches with some heft to him. I could see this guy liked to dine on smaller brookies. After a few seconds of holding him in the stream he darted swiftly for the safety of the undercut.


  1. Very nice brown! Do you add weight to the streamers you fish in your smallstreams?

  2. Terry, No.

    I know the photo shows what look to be split shots, when it actually is water droplets.

    In high flows I'll put on some weight to bring the fly down.

    Brk Trt