Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Long Fly

Over the years one of my passions has been the streamer fly. Ilove the graceful look of its fine lines, created from feathers, silks, hair and tinsel that make up their construction. I started tying these flies back in 2001, being inspired to by the birth of our first grandchild, Morgan. She was born in December of 2000. I had no knowledge of the streamers construction but had come across a website called Raske's New EnglandStreamers, and my education began. There were many contributors to the site and all of my questions were answered by polite and very knowledgeable fly tyers. Some of my first flies were very crude but became much better as I went along. I was fortunate to be able to pick the brains of a few tyers who always took the time to respon to my requests. Chris Del Plato of New Jersey, Bob Petti, of New York, Emmett Johnson, of New Jersey, and Phil Foster of Farmington Maine. I'll post various streamers and try to give some history of the flies as well as the tyers who dressed them.

Brk Trt


  1. love the streamers man, looking forward to hearing some of the history on them as well. Also letting you know I did a little poaching from your site to mine at

  2. Those are beautiful streamers.
    Do you actually use these streamers for fishing or just enjoy tying them?


  3. I do fish most of them.

    Some of the more colorful ones are great attractor patterns for Landlocked salmon, and brook trout.
    Some of them represent forage fish, they're have more subdued colors.

  4. Just found your blog - very nice photography. I love (and miss) small stream fly fishing for wild trout.

    While it's not a trout site, stop over to my piece of the web if you are so inclined - Flowing Waters