Monday, July 12, 2010

A Matter of Survival

We have not had significant rain here in many weeks and it has taken a toll on the stream levels of many wild trout streams.

I took a walk along one of them last Friday and here is what I saw. The levels were at the lowest I have seen on this stream. The water temps were at a very critical 68 degrees, and if it were not for the heavy leaf canopy, they would be at deadly temps. I observed the trout holding in the riffles to grasp as much oxygen as possible, they darted for cover as soon as I was noticed. Many of the undercut banks still provided safty. I noticed that the stream held many 3 to 5 inch trout, and a few larger ones observed. And something else showed itself in the low water, lots of crayfish. The need for rain is critical if this stream is to survive.


  1. We too have been suffering in PA. Two weeks of zero rain and temps consistently in the mid 90s. That said we've also been getting blasted by rain the past two days, supposed to go through thursday. Hope some of it make it up your way!

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  3. The first image... WOW! Just love those in-situ shots.