Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Visit

I last visited this small stream in the first week of August. At that time it was quite low and in need of a rain infusion. Well since that last visit we have recieved very little rain. When I walked to the stream I was expecting to see a dried up stream bed, but was surprised to see water there. Although the flow was not heavy it seemed OK. I was taking water temps as I walked along, a steady 58 degrees. But what made me feel very good inside was the amount of wild brook trout in the stream going about their daily business of survival. How they sought cover of the undercuts when I was spotted. Most of the fish were 3 to 6 inches. We are forcasted rain in the next few days, and if recieved it will help these guys very much.


  1. Here's to hoping! =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Glad to see your brookies made it through the hottest summer ever.

  3. Ryan,

    Savage, Thanks, they sure looked spunky yesterday.

  4. That is a nice little creek. I am worried about my brookies, glad to see some of yours faired well.

  5. Terry, Thanks,

    With the rain we are recieving now, and the rain forcasted for later, I may fish that stream later in the week.