Sunday, November 14, 2010

A November Stream

A small stream on this November day, crisp, clear and full of wild brookies. I believe that most of the spawning has taken place just by the way these trout were attacking the fly being offered, attempting to feed heavy before the winter sets in. I fished a Royal Wulff and they were very aggressive as the fly moved along the runs and into the pools. I love fishing this time of year.

A beautiful sight along the stream, Christmas Ferns, their bright green pushing through the dead leaves.

This pool brought several brookies up to the surface, as the Royal Wulff drifted by.

A few jewels from this November stream.


  1. Sometimes you just don't need "big" water.


  2. Very nice. The snow will be here before we know it. As for me and winter, the older I get, the more I believe i live in the wrong state. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. Those are some beautiful brookies. I'm jealous! Nice pics.

  4. Guess I answered my own question, you have been out and about. Hope you are over your cold. Nice fish as always. A.T.

  5. Shoreman, Its amazing what a small stream can produce.

    Ryan, I hear you on the older, think spring.

    Kiwi, Thanks

    AT, Thanks. I sent you a PM

  6. I haven't seen your posts lately on the usual boards. Nice to see them and nice to see you are doing well.


  7. Aljack thanks.
    I've been doing ok, and from your posts your not doing to bad either.

  8. Amazing that the litte brook doesn't freeze up from top to bottom..hope you can keep on fishing this winter!

  9. penbayman, I fish this stream in winter quite often. It holds up well.

  10. Since I'm so new to fly fishing, i never knew you could find fish in such a small stream! That opens up so many possibilities!