Thursday, November 25, 2010

UpperDam Remembered

It was in a summer in the mid 70's I believe that we first drove to this historic fly fishing area of western Maine. The area has numerous lakes and rivers of fame, locations I have fished many times. Its waters are home to landlocked salmon and beautiful brook trout, and to the fly they will respond.

This is one special place in the area that means so much to me. It is Upperdam. This is where the waters of Mooselookmeguntic rush into Richardson Lake. At the outflw there is a large pool formed and its home to some large salmon and brook trout. This is also the area where the Gray Ghost was first tied and fished. Along with the Gray Ghost it is also the birth place of many beautiful streamer flies.

In the next few years there will be some upgrades to this dam and may perhaps change it forever. This is it as I will remember it.

Upperdam pool with its fly fishers

A camp along the road to the pool

Large salmon hold along the edge of the fast water

Some of the beautiful streamer flies that have their origins here


  1. Lots of memories there with friends that are no longer with us, as a child before I could even fly cast and plenty of fish. Unfortunately I never made it back this summer. Nothing stays the same forever. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Jeff,
    Its truly a special place.
    I'm glad you were able to enjoy it as many have.

  3. I cant wait for spring that's for sure last year at Mooselookmeguntic epic weekend trolling long flies well into 20 salmon, alot a trout.. an two great ones on the last day:
    mine 17in 2.5lbs dads 20in 4.0lbs
    I have been getting a lot out of sandy river up there too, healthy thick 12-16inches

    next time anybody goes up there check out the new museum you'll love it.

  4. Heath,
    Sounds awesome. Mooselook is a fly fisheres lake.
    I have fished Sandy many times. A brook trout restoration took place the last I fished it.

  5. I love mooselook, great trophy lake and because of their smelt program the fish have plenty of food, it can be a tricky lake, if you catch it on a fresh hatch top water is awesome, otherwise I go deep were the smelts are. or we end up catching a lot of runner salmon.

    Me too, my family camps around there, comes through the back yard. Yes it has; and the mountain gorges is great fishing, the harder to get to the better and you may have heard to a new Atlantic salmon program, strictly catch and release if you get one, can’t remove them from the water, an probably best to try and shake em off without touching them. It’s great to know there is some work being done to protect a great species.

    This has to be my most favorite quote "Incubators were set up prior to receiving eggs at three sites on two tributaries to the Sandy River." and here's the link on some of the stocking

    great fishing