Monday, December 27, 2010

Mini "Buggers"

I tied these up a few weeks ago. They are mini versions of a Wooly Bugger.
They are tied using peacock herl as a body, and a bit of yellow dubbing near the heads. I ahve not fished these as of yet but plan on doing so in a few days.

Hook, Mustad C53S, #14
Tail, Marabou
Body, Peacock Herl,Yellow Dubbing Near Head.
Hackle, Black, Grizzly


  1. Hey! those are great looking buggers!! I bet they will work wonderfully. I hope you have a great time trying those out.

    I also use a ver streamlined bugger pattern as well, thats also tied with peacock herl. That pattern is the bead head aggravator. "It seems to work well"

    Anyway good luck & enjoy......DRYFLYGUY

  2. DRYFLYGUY, thanks,

    Is this aggrivator a fly of your design?

  3. I think you will do just fine with those flies. Nice job.

  4. Found your wonderful little blog today, wonderful, just wonderful.

  5. I can never have enough buggers. i love them. The smallest i tie is #10. I also tie some using Peacock herl as well. They work great, don't hold up as well as chenille bodies but they work great. Let us know how they work for you.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Savage, thanks

    Passinthru, thanks. Peacock herl is fragile but you know it has that fish appeal.

    Thank you, and welcome.

  7. BRK TRT,
    no the Bead head agravator isn't my pattern or design, though I do now tie them myself. The 1st aggravators I purchased from a online fly dealer, and there are many. You can just google Bead head aggravator. The Aggravator in the prince pattern is really effective.

    Check'em out....DRYFLYGUY

  8. Nice ties Brk Trt. I tie a similar mini bugger with peackock body, brown marabou tail and grizzly hackle. I don't think you can ever go wrong mixing grizzly and peacock - proven fish getters.

  9. Good looking little guys! We often fish olive and brown woolley buggers in a size 14 on the stillwaters out here. When the damsels are migrating to hatch, it's almost scary what that little bug will do. More folks should fish the down sized buggers! You color combos are great!

  10. Dan Short, thanks

    Midge Man,
    Thanks, the orange tail has got to get those brookies attention. This is my first time fishing a bugger that small.

  11. Love the blog... just found it via Outdoor Blogger Network. Looks like we have a lot in common!

    Happy New Year!


  12. upacreek333, thanks, and welcome.

  13. Believe they will serve you well :)