Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reversed Tied Emergers

Roy's Flies

A few years ago while viewing a post on "smallstreams.com" I was taken by a series of emergers tied in reverse. They were beautiful looking flies and had the look of Fish Taker. These flies were tied by a inovative and very talented master fly tyer from England, his name is Roy Christie.

I communicated with Roy and purchased several of his patterns. Upon recieving them I did a through inspection of them, trying to figure out his way of tying them. It was not an easy time of it when I sat down at the bench and attempted to duplicate the flies. My copies were not close to his, but appeared OK to fish.

On numerous trips I fish the two, Roy's and mine. The results were about 50/50, the diference was I was able to fool a few wary browns on The Farmy using Roy's because of their smaller size.

I still tie these and fish them often,and perhaps I could someday see exactly how he ties them. They are a great pattern.

My rendition of Roy's reversed tied emergers

A few results.

You can view some of Roy's work here,http://reversedparachutes.blogspot.com/

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  1. Don't know if this is exactly how he ties them but perhaps this is close....


    I've been fascinated by the fly for a while as well but have never fished it.

  2. Brad, Thats an excellent link. It helps show his hand at these flies. Very detailed. I appriciate it, and so will others interested in tying this fly.

    Thanks for the comment on my attempts.

  3. That is a pattern I have never thrown. I think I am going to have to try it... backward.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  4. I love to see new methods but I'm wondering what the advantage is in positioning the hackles at the bend instead of the traditional position. I have noticed that two of the flies in the five set photo are tied in the traditional way.

    I believe that I can work up some reasonable examples of this "style" but the question has to be asked: are they better??


  5. MRFF, I can't say that the hackle placement is better or worse tied in either location, but when I fish them in the streams I fish the one with the hackle tied in at the bend out preforms the other. Perhaps the look from underwater, a possible cripple perhaps, that will draw the swifter response.

  6. I would guess from your statement that the hackle at the bend out performs the traditional style.

  7. that link on UKFlyDressing.com works,
    here is a link to a slideshow, let it load then watch it grow through every stage.
    Roy C.


    It represents anything in the surface,
    sinks the tippet, easily sucked in.