Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years Day...... In The Journal

A few days ago an idea was brought forth, to fish a small stream on New Year's Day. So a few emails sent and the deal was locked in. Pete, "TROUT1", and John, "Apache Trout" and myself arrived at the stream of choice, a beautiful little wild trout stream tucked into the Eastern Connecticut countryside. The sky was sunny and clear, and the air temp was in the 40's not bad for January 1st. While getting into our waders and assembling rods, Pete noticed a small stonefly on the snow, than another, and then what looked to be a caddis. As we walked to the stream I was going to drift a Bomber, why not a dry fly trout for the first fish of 2011.

As we fished for a few hours we met at a special pool on this stream to compare note's. Pete had been fishing nymphs, and soft hackle's, and had a hookup, although briefly. The only activity I had was a trout following a yellow marabou streamer. And then along came John with a grin like a kid on Christmas morning. This man had done something that's hard to believe. He showed us a pic of a healthy wild brook trout of good proportions, he had taken this fish in a long slick pool on a....... are you ready for this.... A "Hornberg". This is a great fly and accounts for many fish over the season, but this is a first for John, Pete, and myself.

So the start of a good year is in the journal. Thanks John, and Pete.

Pete working a good pool

Was this the pool where the "Hornberg" worked its magic?

John's beautiful wild "Hornberg" brookie. The photo courtesy of John.

Tailgating stream side.


  1. Had a great time BT!
    Lunch was great, thank you.
    Couldn't beat the weather as well.
    Looking forward to exploring some new water in 2011.
    You never know what's around the next bend in the river.
    The angling adventures continue.....

  2. Now that's how you start a new year! Very nice.

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. I have to agree, Saturday was one of the nicest days of the winter.

  4. AT,
    Fine times ahead for sure.

    The weather on that day was great, for Jan 1st.

    I saw your blog, looks like Long Island Sound was just as nice.

  5. Excellent way to start 2011. Congrats to you guys.

  6. Kiwi,
    Thanks, it was one of those rare days in January

  7. I was going to yell at you for not letting me know you would be in my neck of the woods. With all the pictures of food you post, I would have jumped eagerly into the tailgating, heck I would have even watched the vehicles for you while you guys fished. :)

    But then I realized I was out of town anyway so I will forgive you.

    Great post as always Brk Trt. Glad to see you guys out and about enjoying.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Those do look like some nice pools...Glad that you got out early in the New Year!!

  9. Passinthru, Thanks for not giving me hell about the area we fished. It was a good time.

    The River Damsel,
    Thanks, it was a fine outing, and the best day weather wise. It has been major winter since.