Sunday, February 6, 2011

Steep Bank

David Footers drawing of a brook trout in the late evening in pursuit of a fly in Steep Bank Pool.

In western Maine lies a river that has its origin in Canada, it flows gently to form Little Kennebago, and Kennebago Lakes, it continues its flow to its destination Cupsuptic Lake. The river is home to landlocked salmon, and brook trout. I have fished this river in both summer and fall, with fall being prime with the lake runs of salmon and trout. There are many pools and riffles that can be fished and to float and fish this river from a canoe is awesome. The one pool that has given me much pleasure is Steep Bank. Its given this name because of the steep bank thats leads to the river.
The river holds trout all summer, I'm not certain if the salmom stay or return to the lake. In summer I have taken nice brook trout on caddis patterns, and Hornbergs. The fall also produces brook trout on caddis, and streamers, along with some sizeable salmon. I have never taken a salmon or brook trout on a streamer in this river, they have come on the caddis and Hornbergs.
Every year this river gives up some very large brook trout, perhaps some day I'll be fortunate to be one of the lucky anglers to achieve this.

The Kennebago

This river in the last week of September is full of anglers

Its slow moving waters are perfect for floating a dry fly. The woods in this area are full of moose and viewing them is quite common. Black Bears and Loons are also here. And one of my favorites is to smell the fir trees especially on a damp cool September morning. Words cannot describe it.

These are the caddis patterns I fish there. I originally purchased some in one of the fly shops in the area and they worked well. A simple CDC with hackle.

"Steep Bank"
Although I have never caught a fish on a streamer, I designed this one for this beautiful river.


  1. I like the western part of Maine a lot..but don't get there nearly enough as I usually head east to Washington County but this will definitely be on my to do list for this upcoming season..

  2. penbayman,
    I'm sure you would enjoy it. Great small streams in the area too.

    The African Fly Angler,

  3. Wow what a stunning place, you could simply lose yourself in the nature?

    Do you camp out and fish?

  4. Flyfishermanrichard,
    We stay at a camp, which is a small cabin, on Rangeley Lake. From here we have literally 100's of streams, lakes and ponds to fish.

  5. Brk Trt, Aaahh! "The Kennebago" I use a great wulff pattern called the Kennebago Wulff

    Its a great legacy Maine pattern from years ago. Brookies are usually all over it!

    Thanks for the link.
    The fly looks like a Gray Wulff, or an Adams Wulff.
    So you fish the Kennebago. The river at the outlet of Little Kennebago has been good to me.

  7. I have fished the Kennebao for over 45 years, mainly in the Fall, late September. Over the years I have been very successful using Hornbergs and grey ghost streamers (for Salmon). Most recently (over the last several years) I have had the MOST success using stonefly nymph patterns (12-14) either in dark brown. In the early or late hours I have also had much success using a Blue Dun Dry, most hits in the return, skimming just below the surface.

  8. Been going to the Kennebago for the last ten years, the fishing is great but just being there is even better. Hopefully if this virus subsides I can go back.