Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Surprise on A small Stream

Well according to the weatherman, yesterday was to be the pick of the week. Hearing this I managed to work in a few hours on one of CT's Class 1 wild trout streams.
First of all the weather was not something to write home about, temps were about 40, with a good wind. Water temps 42 degrees, but its probably better than a blizzard.
I rigged up the fly rod with a Bomber, and a number 14 Royal Coachman dropper, and started fishing the stream where I thought there would be some willing takers. I managed several brookies in an hour or so. This stream is one that over the years I have fished many times, it always is good to me. It seems that I seem to work the same runs, pools and riffles that are familiar. I have walked this stream several times in the areas of thick brush and lots of overhangs, very good looking water, but difficult to fish. Feeling a bit adventurous I decided to fish this section. Its long slow deep runs, along with some swift areas just looks fishy. I fished this area for a few hours and it gave up a brown or two as well as something I have only caught twice on this stream in many years. A very healthy highly colored rainbow.
He was the only fish of the day that took the Bomber dry, the others all took the Royal Coachman.

This is one of the deeper, swifter runs on this small stream.

The Small Stream Special, with new yellow line, at the ready.

Healthy wild brown.

A beautiful wild brookie sharing a pristine environment.

It can get nasty back here. The thorns are sharks teeth.

The surprise of the day for sure. Only the second time I've taken one of these on this stream. He could not pass up the Bomber.


  1. Nice little hat trick. I can't recall ever catching all three in one outing myself.

  2. Good for you in getting out ! I was wondering whether the presence of rainbow trout can harm an indigenious brook trout population. I once caught one in a stream where it should not have been and wondered if releasing it was a good idea. In the end, I opted for returning it as I do all the fish I catch.

  3. Brk Trt,
    I'm very jealous of you being able to take such advantage of these unpredictable New England March days with your fly rod.

    Today, the Western Mass Berkshire mts. where I live & fish is snowing lightly with 2-4 inches predicted. So it seems that Spring time in my neck of the woods is taking 3 steps forward, then 2 steps back.

    But reading your GREAT blog helps me with my patience of waiting for Spring to show itself in full.

    Thanks for another fantasic post.........DRYFLYPHIL

  4. Kiwi,
    Thanks. It has happened to me one other time. The fish were brown, brookie, and a tiger.

    Mark, Thanks. I thought the same thing. That rainbow should not have been there. I sent a note to Mike H. at the DEP, to let him know and perhaps offer an answer.

  5. great looking trifecta of wild trout!!

  6. The Rainbow looks like he has a damaged dorsal fin... was it a wild fish or possibly a stocker that ran upstream from somewhere else? I'm always interested in the dynamics of how the three partition themselves for resource use. It seems that Rainbows can displace Brookies in some places, so I'm just curious if breeding populations of all three coexist in your stream.

  7. DRYFLYPHIL, Thanks. It seems as if this winter is not about to relent. It's been tough and it doesn't want to give up. But each day forward is in our favor.

    Thanks. Although I'm not to certain about the rainbow.

    I noticed the fin too. I don't know how he got in there, I have put in for some info with the CT DEP. The stream supports a very healthy self sustaining populations of brown and brook trout. but not rainbows. I'll let you know more as soon as I hear from the DEP.

  8. Brk Trt, Is the brook a tributary of a larger system or does it originate from a lake or pond or the like? And I guess the yellow line wasn't the factor that you had expressed a concern about in an earlier post? I'm tight quarters, how long a leader do you use? Sorry..too many's the bare ground I see in your photos (none around here yet)..the great looking fish (haven't seen one for real in months).. and the caffeine!!

  9. Way to get out there and give them heck Brk Trt. I almost stopped at a class 1 on Sunday but all I had was my 10 foot.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. penbayman,
    It has a lake that feeds the stream. I made contact with a fisheries biologist and he assures me that the rainbow does not pose a threat to the wild trout population in the stream. He said chances are it washed over from a lake stocking.
    On the small streams I'll use a 7ft leader 90% of the time.

    Passinthru Outdoors,
    I agree a 10 ft rod is a bit to much. You have a few good streams in your neck of the woods.

  11. Wonderful post Brk Trt. I think many of us are presently living vicariously through you.

    My only comment would be if the rainbow is wild, it could have moved up in there for spring spawning...

  12. browntrout,
    I'm glad your able to toss a fly on the water through my posts.
    The rainbow is not wild, note the dorsal fin.

  13. What a day! I'm jelous-Cliff

  14. Cliff,
    It was a special day, especially for mid March.