Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Bits and More Bits" 4/19/11

This is a small stream I fish in western Massachusetts, the morning after the rains came. Hang on brookies.

This is a book reccomended by "Millers River Fly Fisher". It's a very good read.

If your ever in Granville, MA. You must stop here. The Granville Country Store, and buy some of their cheddar cheese. The finest cheddar you'll ever eat.

This is how I rig my fly line,leader, and tippet. I have been using this set up ever since I discovered braided leaders,many years ago. This makes it easy to change tippets. These braided leaders will last a long time, I only replace them when they have wind knots, or become frayed from the thorns along some of the small streams I fish.

This is a rainbow from a small stream that fell to an Edson Tiger streamer.


  1. BT,
    How much tippet do you use?

  2. Thanks for the rigging info Alan. I appreciate it very much.

    I was in NH yesterday and saw a small stream, stopped and took a picture. I thought it would be something that you would fish and that I now look at for trout (until I get the NH fishing license). I will post it later.

  3. Cliff,
    The braided leader is about 4ft, and to that I add about 3ft ft tippet. This is what I normally use for small streams. You can change tippet length depending on the stream.

    Your welcome. New Hampshire has some fine streams.

  4. Brk Trt,

    Nice picture of that Bow. Looks Healthy!!
    I live in the Berkshires of Western Mass & your photo of the western mass stream looks like the present day norm with the snow melt in the Hill towns and the Rain. But I'll be wetting a fly line soon my friend, soon.......DRYFLYGUY

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  6. Brk Trt - that's one angry looking small stream. You did well to find some fish willing to chase a streamer

    We took a ride there on Sunday and could not believe how swollen this stream was. I may fish it later this week.

    I lost a few flies in those pools before a single hit. It did feel wonderful just to walk the stream.

  8. Your post reminded me that I need to try these braided and furled leaders out!

    What size fly line do you prefer on your small streams? I saw the leader package listed as 4wt to 7wt lines. Also, do you have any troubles using 6x tippet with the 3x leader? Is the leader tapered at all?

  9. Good looking Rainbow! It's always a bonus to catch a fish like that, especially during some high water. Well done.

  10. BrkTrt,
    I always wonder how those fish hold on in those wild conditions. Great Leader and tippet info. I think I will grab that book from the library and give it a read. NICE BOW!

  11. skyfireblaze.
    I use 3,4, and 5wt lines. With the 3wt being used more often. The braided leader is tapered. and the 3x part of it is the bimini tippets that come in the package. I don't use the tippets they provide, I use my own.

    Thanks. A small stream surprise.

    Trout Magee,
    Thanks. Over the years I've asked myself that question many times. I'm happy they hang on.

  12. We are currently in desperate need of some rain, but in a month or so all our streams will also look like that and it will be time for the Kayak guys to come screaming down them.

    BTW. Dont know how or when I missed the change but love that new banner pic of yours.

  13. African Fly Angler,
    Those kayak guys are a rare breed. That stream in the photo claimed the life of a kayaker last year.

    Thanks for the comment on the header photo. It's a small stream in the western Maine mountains.

  14. Hey guys. I know how the fish hold on during those kind of run offs. Suction cups. Works every time. Man, I have to stop reading Owl Jones.


  15. How do you attach the tippet to the braided leader?

  16. Shoreman,
    You may be right.

    Mike C,
    I use a simple clinch knot.

  17. I like the title.."..on the spine of time.." Thanks for another great post.

  18. The Middleton book is a great read Brk Trt..He was a wonderful writer but a very troubled individual..Sad ending to his life..Have you a copy of STARLIGHT CREEK ANGLING SOCIETY?..

  19. That stretch of water looks very interesting. A Klinkåmer Special would be ideal for such violent pockets! Or if a pure dry fly had to be the one our Derbyshire pattern, the Double Badger, should get'em up...

    Regular Rod

  20. Herringbone,

    I did not know of his life, perhaps I'll research it. I'll check out that title.

    Regular Rod,
    It's interesting alright.I'll be back to fish it later.

  21. Darn the word is out now. I have been using those leaders for years on. I love them!! It makes changing the tippett so easy. Well done.