Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Brook Trout ,.... Plus

I don't have a large library of fly fishing titles, but I believe I have some of the best books on the subject. "Brook Trout" by Nick Karas is one of the finest books on the subject of only brook trout. He details everything you may want to know about this wonderful trout. It's an easy read, with some beautiful photos, as well as drawings. After reading this book back in the late 90's, one of the things I said to myself was, how wonderful would it be to catch a brook trout in every state that has these fish native to them.

Ah yes, the VW mini bus. Something I saw while pursuing brookies.

Wild beauty that's almost incomparable.

A late spring morning on a free flowing wild trout stream. The sun is moving overhead, I must fish the shadows.
A brookie who chose to take a Royal fly of Tenkara style

Strawberry sherbet, fresh sliced strawberries, and whipped cream.


  1. Did I tell you I am on a diet? You are making it very hard to stay away from the table (and river) with all these great pictures.

    I will check out the book after I finish A Good Walk Spoiled by John Feinstein.

  2. "how wonderful would it be to catch a brook trout in every state that has these fish"

    What a great idea for a book - along the lines of Fly Fishing the 41st. If you've ever wanted to write a book now you have no excuse. (And we all know from your blog you have the writing and the photography skills).

  3. Up until three years ago I had never caught a brook trout, or even pursued them. After I read Karas' book I became a little obsessed about them. It is one of the best books on fishing that I have. In my opinion, they are one of the most beautiful creatures to inhabit this world.

  4. Great, not only am I "hungry" to get out fishing (our season's closed until the end of April), but I'm actually hungry. Nice fish!

  5. Great book. I have a copy too. How many states have you caught them in so far?

  6. Brook trout are some pretty unbelievable fish. Sounds like a pretty great goal to catch a brook trout in every state they inhabit. Too bad the Winnie the Pooh van won't be making the journey with you...

  7. Ed,
    I'm sorry. But being a fly fisher, you must have willpower.

    That would be an achievement. Thanks for the encouragement on the book, as well as your kind comment about the blog.

  8. Kiwi,
    I'm in agreement on both the book and the beauty of a brook trout.

    Thanks. Waiting for opening day is like a child waiting for Christmas morning.

  9. Jay,
    I have taken brookies in ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, PA.
    This year perhaps NY, and VA.

    They truly are. Winnie would be ideal on such a quest.

  10. No brookies left in Rhode Island?

  11. penbayman,
    Plenty of brookies in RI, and very wild.
    I wanted to keep that fact a secret.

  12. If you haven't been to California, give me a shout when you get here. I'll show you where they are.


  13. Shoreman,
    If ever I'm out your way, never mind the brookies, take me to a stream to attempt to catch a Golden trout.

  14. This post makes me want to live in my truck again! Road tripping for trout = great memories.

  15. Todd,
    I remember those times also, and so many good memories.

  16. BT,
    Decided to go out to a nearby stream this morning in lieu of work. Since it was a bit cold i decided a BH size 16 nymph would wake something up. Guessed wrong, even after dropping a PT off the bend. Not one hit. The stream isn't loaded, but i know they're there. Hopefully when things warm up it will be a little easier. Have you had any luck in the mornings yet?

  17. Cliff,
    You had the right flies for this time of year, but sometimes they won't work. The water temps are still cold, lower 40's and trout won't move to far to eat. I generally start fishing around 10am this time of year. It's good you were able to get out though.

  18. Brk Trt: Your blog is the best on the Internet.

    Phenomenal pictures and great writing.

    I was inspired to blog myself by you.


  19. golden beetle,
    Thank you very much for the comments.
    Part of the quality of my blog are the people who stop by to read my thoughts and experiences, and their thoughtful input.

    I've visited your site and I like the way you are going about it.

  20. I'll let you know when I get my first brookie here in NM. I know they're here - just missed out on a few last fall. I won't make the same mistake this year.

    Oh, that sherbet looks mighty tasty, too!

  21. skyfireblaze,
    I'll be waiting for your report. There is some fine fishing in your state. Yes the sherbet is refreshing.

  22. I just found your blog today. It is awesome. I love small streams and the beautiful Brookies. You'll have to fish Wisconsin. I noticed it wasn't on the list of places you've caught brookies. We have lots of small streams and brookies. Great blog, I look forward to next post!

    This is supposed to be a pic of a brookie. Not sure what it will show up like.


  23. TroutMagee,
    Thanks. I'm glad you located our little blog. I hope you'll stop by often and feel free to comment.

  24. The heck with brookies - give me more strawberries, whipped cream and icecream! Goin for some salt Monday Al. and as many have told you, this is a top blog.


  25. aljack,
    The salt as in "Salter", if so, great. Hope to get a report. Thanks for the comments.

  26. I was up in Maine last week and caught several brookies. They are by far my favorite fish.