Sunday, April 17, 2011

Journal Entry, 4/16/11

Saturday was opening day of inland fishing, and the traditional heavy turnout of anglers took place at all of the major areas where the state stocks trout. That's not for me, I chose a small freestone stream where I am able to fish with only a wild heron as the second angler.
Saturdays weather was windy and chilly, with a dark steely gray sky, more reminiscent with the opening of deer season than fishing season. The wind gusts managed to blow the dry leaves into the stream creating a tough go for a dry fly.
I chose to go with a wet fly, a Pickett Pin, and the little fly worked well, not only in fish attraction but its ability to not bring to many leaves to hand.
The winters storms and heavy ice managed to reroute the stream from last fall, and it had to be explored as if it were a new stream.
The few hours I spent on this stream brought several wonderful wild brook trout to hand, this was a plus to the quiet solitude I enjoyed.

A wild brook trout that managed to survive the harsh winter in good shape.

Not an easy place to work a fly, but it's all part of the small stream experience.

The colors on this little brookie, especially the red tail, can only come from nature. This guy should be awesome come spawning time.

Shrimp Risotto


  1. Brt Trt,

    nice post, and beautiful brookies. What colors they carry. Because of the rain & wind yesterday, I worked on getting the rest of my fly gear together and ready from its winter rest. If there is less wind, I may hit my favorite free stone brook in the Berkshires.

    Best Regards.......DRYFLYGUY

  2. What a beautiful fish. I had the same experience yesterday (minus catching a trout). Even though it rained last night and just stopped a little while ago I may head to the river. I have to do something instead of reading about the Bruins losing last night.

    Thanks. Today is perhaps the better day of the weekend. Sun's out here. Is the snow all gone up your way?

    Thanks. I read of your misfortunes on the water yesterday. Keep at it, all will come together for you soon.

  4. Its nice to fish in solitude. Have you ever seen a trout with a heron wound? Its remarkable how many trout live after a whack from that beak.

  5. It was cold and ugly yesterday. I noticed that a lot of people stayed home. Nice trout!

  6. It's hard to beat the beauty of native brook trout. The Pickett Pinn is one of my favorite flies. Nice to see someone else having success with it too.

  7. If I thought my local creeks held more than chub I'd be there every day. Great pics and post.

  8. Brt Trt,

    as of friday, there was still snow in the woods of the hill towns of the berkshire, as well as the rivers and streams are/were still high. After this weekend's rain, it should finish off the snow. I may venture out later today for a hike up my favorite freestone brook with my 2wt and see what happens.

    By the way, NICE BOWL of Risotto. Looks Good!!

  9. John McArdie,
    Thanks. I have seen what those herons can do. I'm going to post a photo of one I caught this year with a nasty hole in it.

    Your right on all those points.

  10. Bill,
    Thanks. The Pickett Pin has helped me out of a skunk more that once.


  11. Those are some beauty brookies. You just can't beat the beautiful color and markings on the brook trout. I went out this morning and was also dealing with the wind and leaves in the water. Sent a chill down my spine.

  12. Awesome looking brookies. Something about outsmarting the crowds to find your own little piece of paradise.

  13. Trout Magee,
    Thanks. They are just about impossible to duplicate.

    Thanks. This time of the year the multitudes will seek out the bounty the state provides. Most will not seek the small wild trout from mini waters. That's just fine by me though.

  14. Great post! but more importantly your title sparked a memory. You posted on Journals a while ago, and it inspired me to get one. So for my birthday I got one from my in laws and I love it.

  15. Them trout ought to be nice like you said when they get a bit bigger.

    Whitetail Woods™
    Deer Hunting and Blackpowder Shooting at it’s best.

  16. Bruce,
    Thanks. Those journals can be a great source of information. Keep it going and you'll see.

    They sure would be, the only thing is the streams they live in will not allow that to happen.

  17. Nice lookin' Brookies... the shrimp look good too.

  18. Sounds like my kind of day. Keep those pics of beautiful wild brookies coming.

  19. That red tailed brookie certainly explains the red tag on several fly patterns better than the comment you often read that "fish like a little bit of red."

    Great report, as usual!

  20. Jay, Kiwi,

    Thanks. Many streamer patterns have that splash of red, in the tails, and the throat.