Sunday, April 24, 2011

Journal Entry, 4/22/11...... Earth Day

Earth Day 2011 found me at the breakfast table enjoying some favorite fuel, and trying to decide what stream I was going to fish. Tossing a few back and forth I selected a small stream in southeast CT.
I arrived at the stream to find it almost in perfect condition. Its flows were good and the water clarity was crystal. The water temps were a bit cool though, registering 52 on my thermometer. The sky was in between cloudy and sunny.
I was going to fish a dry fly today, and tied on a Bomber and sent it on its way. After a few drifts a fish rose to the fly and missed. This was to happen many, many times today, rise and miss. It was almost as if they wanted to kill the bug, but not eat it.
I did finally manage to get a hookup and my first fish came to hand. A wild brookie.

A tree that grew in the earth, and succumbed perhaps to natures wrath. Now fallen across a natural free flowing stream, creating a bridge for chipmunks,and insects, while and ever so narrow strip of shade to provide sanctuary for trout fry.

A fine wild brook trout.

When I came close to this section of stream I knew that was a place for a trout to wait in ambush. Looking at it I also knew one could loose a few flies in there. I let the fly go and as it was swept into the dark undercut bank I pulled on the line to work the fly away from impending loos. As the fly moved to the surface a flash appeared from the dark bank and I was into a nice fish. A few moments later a beautiful marked wild brown came to hand. As I placed my wet hand under his body I could not believe this fish came from such small water. I quick photo and off he went.

The handsome wild beauty of this brown trout, dark spots, red spots, broad and healthy.
This Earth Day was very good to me. And I say thanks.

This guy was taken the other day. He slammed a Edson Tiger streamer. His stomach was full to the top with something.


  1. Very nice! That brown is beauty, they all are.

  2. Brt Trt, I'm going to sum up another great blog with just one word. "Beautiful"


  3. Great stuff! These fish all are colored very nicely. My fish this week were all very dark, and it reminded me of the post you did about different watets effecting the colors.

  4. Sounds like a great day on the river enjoying all of what nature throws at you. Thanks for the pics.

  5. Bill,
    Thanks. I agree with you on their beauty.

    Thanks. I appreciate it.

  6. Bruce,
    Thanks. They are sort of like Chameleons. Another way to survive.

    Thanks. Those days on the streams are special.

  7. Nice post again, Brk Trt. This time I have to ask, what software do you use to modify the trout pix? They look really cool. Tx!

  8. Nice post, I look forward to the warm summer days on a trout stream somewhere.

    Whitetail Woods™

  9. How deep was the water?
    What is the ideal temperature to catch trout?
    When is the Guide to CT/MA Trout Rivers coming out?
    Does anyone ever get tired of hearing nice pictures? I didn't think so.....nice pictures.

  10. goneflyfishing,
    Thanks. I'll give you the best answer as to the software, I'm poor in computer knowledge. Here go's. It's a Kodak program that came with a Kodak camera my son bought years ago. It's been on my PC all that time and I just figured out on how to use it.

    Rick Kratzke,
    Thanks. I to look forward to warm summer days.
    Especially the early morning and just before dark. Prime brown trout hunting times.

    Thanks.On this stream is was between 6 inches and in some places two feet.
    I like the stream temps to be between 58 and 60 degrees.
    I don't know anything of this guide.

  11. It always amazes me how some fish, even though their bellies are full, will still strike at something half their size. The trout is a mysterious beautiful thing. NIce Pics!!

  12. Beautiful colors on that brown (and brookies for that matter) I'm glad you had a good Earth Day.

  13. Trout Magee,
    Thanks. Brookies are a constant eating machine. They take advantage of all that's presented.

    Thank you.

  14. Good stuff Brk, as always. Glad you got out and were able to enjoy Earth Day on the water.

  15. Beautiful brown trout! They don't get any better than that.

  16. troutrageous,
    Thanks. It was a fine day to be on the stream.

    Thanks. He was a good looking trout,

  17. Nothing more beautiful than a Wild Brown...

  18. e.m.b.
    Welcome, and thanks for the comment.

  19. Isn't it amazing how these lovely creatures can not only survive but seemingly flourish in water that seems to us wouldn't support anything larger than a guppy. I think we too often consider trout to be fragile and just barely able to cling onto existence. But given just half a chance, they time and again prove that they are adaptable and rugged survivalists.

  20. penbayman,
    You said it very well.