Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The meaning of, well I don't have a Webster handy, but I'll give you my meaning in these few lines.

The timeless simple beauty of a delicate Catskill dry fly, as it sits near a wet fly, perhaps of English heritage, a workhorse for sure.

Several patterns created by one of fly fishing's inovators. Fran Betters flies appear to be a bit rough, but where ever a trout swims, and a Betters pattern floats, a connection will take place.

A book written by Joe Bates, which I and many who fish and tie streamers, consider to be the bible of streamer flies. Along with a few classic irons from Ray Bergman.

Classic beauty for sure...... Streamers, Carrie Stevens patterns.

Classic's for years. I have enjoyed these over the years. And perhaps a few of these have graced the tables, or the stones along side fishing camps.
Can any of the above be placed along side a 1955 Corvette, a Colt 45, or a Frank Sinatra album, and be equal..... Yes, in my world.


  1. Very nice flies today. Fran's may not be the prettiest but boy do I love how they fish!

  2. Those Fran Betters flies are definitely classy. Tomato soup, grilled cheese & pickles are a classic in my family...I loved this post!

  3. Good stuff here Brk Trt.
    Have you tried tying your bombers with a Wulff-style wing (split calf hair/tail posts) instead of the standard single post over the hook eye? I've been meaning to try it out myself over the last few evenings. Of course, I can't say it would change the "fishability" of the fly ...

  4. Those are some great looking patterns. I like the rough look took the Fran flies. It almost makes them look a little more natural. I really like that blue middle streamer of Carrie Stevens. Great Pics. Nice post

  5. Kiwi,
    Thanks. He did possess some magic in his ability to use the right materials.

    Thanks. Grilled cheese, oh yes.

  6. Herringbone,
    It's appreciated.

    Thanks. I have never tried a split wing on the Bombers. But it's a thought.

  7. Trout Magee,
    Thanks. Frans flies are definitely buggy looking.

  8. I think tying is in my future this winter (I know...don't bring winter up because we just got over a bad one).

    Any good books to suggest (I don't think I will do streamers out of the box).

  9. Nice collection of classics.

  10. Ed,
    There are many fine fly tying tutorials on you tube. Many of them in great detail, and easy to follow. One book I suggest is Fran Betters Fly Fishing-Fly Tying and Pattern Guide. Most of the fly in that book will keep your line tight.


  11. Thanks Alan. I will look for it online.

  12. You've captured it well Alan. Lots of folks will (wrongly) question the use of the term 'classic', usually citing the standards by which autos are classified in years after production. In simple terms, something can be considered a classic if it a representative example of a (past) timeless, enduring design style.

  13. It's so strange how many fly fisherman have never met but some how important things and experiences in our lives are similar. Tomato and chicken Campbells were staples in my house.

  14. Kev2380,
    Very true. That's why they are a classic.

  15. I believe you could take those Better's patterns on any trout river on the planet and produce a great day.

  16. Todd,
    I have fished those in several states, and yes they do work. Thanks.