Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Shadows in the Stream"

As I post this I feel as if I'm standing in the Magalloway River in Maine, just downstream from the bridge that spans this river and carries the traffic on Rt16.

The book above was written by an angler from New Jersey, Bob Romano. He is a camp owner on Aziscohos Lake, in the western Maine mountains. In his writings he tells of the many places he has fished along Rt16 from Rangeley Maine to Errol New Hampshire. Many of his experiences are well written and will put you there, fly fishing for wild brook trout and landlocked salmon.
I have fished these places he writes of, and they are wonderful wilderness waters.
Several years ago while fishing a small stream that feeds one of the larger lakes, I had the pleasure of meeting Bob. We chatted briefly, and he moved downstream and I up. Later as my wife and I were about to leave, we were to meet Bobs wife, and his father in law.
Shadows in the Stream is a good, easy to read, and informative book. Pick up a copy I'm sure you'll

Shadows in the Stream....
This photo was taken in a Maine small stream, along Rt.16

Bob has written several books. And Fishing with Faeries, is another wonderful book


  1. I really like that shadow of the trouts tail. I will have to give these books a read. I like the idea of "Fishing with Faeries." Thanks for the recommendations!! Great Pics.

  2. Thanks for the tip Alan.

    I may have to build some time into my next trip to Maine for a Route 16 diversion.

    I am going to add this book to my eBay wish list.

  3. Trout Magee,
    If you have a passion for fishing small streams for wild trout, then "Fishing with Faeries" is a book to read.

    If you take that ride along Rt.16 from Rangeley to Errol, you'll pas some prime wild brook trout waters. And lots of moose too.

  4. Sounds like a great book. I will put it on my list. Thanks.

  5. Glad you're back in The Pine Tree State!

  6. Savage,
    It's a good one, your sure to enjoy.

    I'm always there.

  7. After going to your seminar Shadows in the Stream really came to life. A must read
    will get your other books.