Thursday, August 11, 2011

Along The Way

While most who fly fish, catching is the goal of why we are there. But there is so much more to this outdoor pursuit, especially in small stream fishing.
For the most part small streams do not afford the fly angler with those large trout that we see in magazines, and on the internet, although those that seek the small stream trout know all to well that a five inch wild trout is a wonderful trophy.

There is so much more to the small stream angler than just fishing. Along the way he is provided with the natural beauty that nature provides. I so many times will just sit along a stream, or the path leading in and just take in the sounds and sights near me. Each season has its own beauty, and while I prefer seasons without cold and snow, I can find something special in all of them.

I'm sure all of you can too..... along the way.

Paths and dirt roads provide thoughts of what has taken place here, so many years ago. So much color, and at times the smells of the forest can intoxicate.

The sound of water as it flows over the stones of a stream, although the stream is small its sound can be so relaxing.

If you tried to grow flowers like this at home...... would they look as beautiful?

A fallen tree, across a stream provides a bridge to those woodland creatures who do not wish to get wet. I have at times seen chipmonks dart back and forth across such places.

Watching this little fellow along the stream made me wonder what his eyes have seen.

So the next time your out fishing a small stream, put down your rod and take a few moments to enjoy the beauty along the way.



  1. Brk Trt,

    I love the photos. Your thoughts and comments fit perfectly with those outstanding pictures.

    Well done.......DRYFLYGUY

  2. Nice pics, it's almost impossible to not catch glimpses of nature while fly fishing a small stream.

  3. Brk Trt - very well put with lovely pictures to illustrate. My last small stream outing I found myself taking more pictures of the trail and the wildflowers as well

  4. BRK TRT,

    You have the life that some can only dream about.

    Nice post!

  5. Brk Trt...Beautiful post! Given a choice between small stream fishing for 5" wild brookies vs. catching 30" stripers or an 18" largemouth bass...The brookies will win every time. Your post hits the nail on the head. It's not just the fishing but everything else that surrounds you when out on such a trip.

  6. Such beautiful and lush surroundings. How can you not love it.


  7. A good reminder on why we need to stop and smell the roses. Great photos!

  8. ..the sound of flowing water..a brief, shimmering glimpse thru the leaves of the trees..the heart quickens..anticipation builds..a trout? yes!..or a trout? no.. no matter, Mother Nature holds us close to her bosom.

  9. Good advice. Any time there is a hike to the stream, I'm enjoying every bit of it.

  10. Alan.....the picture of the frog is great.

  11. WOW,

    So many wonderful comments.
    I usually try to answer all of them individually, but I was out on a teaching outing with my grand children.

    I want to thank all of you. Your comments are deeply appreciated.

  12. I think you and I view being out on the streams in the same way. Excellent post!

  13. Great post. Stop, drop then fish. Closing your eyes while the sun comes up over the hills and just listen to the stream gurgle. NOthing Better. Then add all the sounds of the wildlife. Can't beat it. Really great pictures too. Really like that top one a lot. It's like make believe. Tight Lines.

  14. I think next time that I am in the area I would like to fish your streams - with my tenkara rod!