Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Natural woodland litter.

Litter in it's natural form is pretty common along the woods and streams we frequent. Not much is made of its existence, and is mostly overlooked, for it does no harm.
Most of the streams I fish are on public lands, but several pass through private land. I have gained permission to fish these streams through the kindness of the landowner. I respect that land.

There is no greater reason for land to be posted than when people dump on private lands.

Natural litter can be seen along woodland paths.

But this is the way to bring about... NO TRESPASSING.


  1. Oh man I was just loving the pics and then when I came to that last one, I think I threw up a little in my mouth. One bad apple spoils the whole bunch. They probably spent more on gas to get to that spot to dump the trash than they would have if they would just have taken it to the landfill. I am always baffled by how ignorant some people can be. Great Post. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful pics :) Tight Lines.

  2. While I don't like it, I understand when someone drops a worm container or cigarette pack stream side. They're littering scum who just drop what they've got in one continuous stream whether they're in the city, their car, or on the river.

    But who are these people who carefully package their trash and then, instead of taking it somewhere that carefully packaged trash should go, dump it in one carefully packaged package?

    "Dang, where am I going to put my trash? I've gotta go find someone else's land to dump this on."?

    The first never saw the crying Indian commercial. But the second is a special sort of sociopath that deserves special attention.

  3. Whenever I go out I always try to bring someone's garbage out with me. Yes, I should not have to but I do.
    I think it is absolutely pitiful that some people are so lazy that they can't dispose of garbage the proper way.

  4. Woe to the person I catch doing this. Anyone can ask my wife how my blood boils when I see something like that. Usually she gets mad at me for picking up small peices of garbage as I hike along a trail but I tell her why should I or anyone else have to look at something like that. It definitely brings your outdoor experience down several notches when you see it.

  5. Sights like the bottom picture are sadly becoming more and more common. Cigarette packs, beverage bottles, and fast food bags are just a few things that have no place along a Wild trout stream or any place other than a trash can for that matter. I used to fish a nice little stream by my house and it was on private property but the landowner had signs posted giving the public permission to fish. The gentlemen had two rules; Catch & Release and Leave only footprints. He has since replaced the "welcome" signs with NO TRESPASSING.

  6. While I dont consider leaves and down trees "litter" when its in the wild. I do however enjoy your post. I am never amazed to see garbage in the woods and in wild trout streams. I know of a place that has 2 garbage cans where you park. The stream is only 10 yards away. Yet people still throw there rubbish on the ground. Unfortunate its something that you must learn to tolerate when you live in populated areas. Sad it truly is the blatant disregard for nature.

    On a positive note... At least that trash in your photos in bagged! Making it much easier to dispose of!

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again. The world is full of pigs. Present company (fishing bloggers) excluded.


  8. Thanks, gentlemen.

    I see you all feel the same about this litter.

    No matter how hard we try to educate people they can't seem to get it.